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So much of what we love about Maine is intertwined with the character of our College—Bowdoin is what it is very much because of where it is.

While Maine is undoubtedly about lobsters and lighthouses, it’s also much more than that. What is most Maine to us are aspects of this place and its people that you really have to live here to know.

We asked six writers with Maine and Bowdoin connections to tell us stories that show what makes our home state so special:

We're All Related book cover

We're All Related

by Block Clarke

Maine's Herd Shaped by Seasons book cover

Maine’s Herd: Shaped by the Seasons

by Hope Hall ’92, P’19

Wearing it Well book cover

Wearing it Well

by Bree Candland ’01

The Wide Spot in the Road book cover

The Wide Spot in the Road

by Elise Juska ’95

Peg book cover


by Gerry Boyle P’08, P’13

Tree Cutting book cover

Tree Cutting

by Jason Brown ’91

Pat Corrigan is an artist based in Portland, Maine, who makes paintings, drawings, illustrations, murals, and comics. His work has appeared in many publications, including The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Chicago Tribune, among others.

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