Published December 19, 2019 by Bowdoin News

Whitney Soule on the Admissions Issues Everyone’s Talking About

Interviewed live on Bloomberg Radio, Whitney Soule, Bowdoin’s dean of admissions and student aid, spoke of prioritizing honesty and integrity in the wake of college admissions scandals.

Whitney Soule
Whitney Soule

“One of the things we decided to do was to make a statement on our application page—and also on an affirmation page that our students sign when they apply—acknowledging how important honesty is in the application,” says Soule.

“It’s what we expect of our students when they’re here. It’s how we expect them to present themselves.”

Soule spoke about some of the questions a prospective student must ponder when deciding how to represent themselves in an application—and about some misunderstandings that may lead to poor decisions.

"Cheating is often a product of a student assuming that a particular thing is the reason somebody might get in and that they need to leverage that."

Listen to the Bloomberg Radio interview with Dean of Admissions and Student Aid Whitney Soule.