Bowdoin Welcomes the Class of 2028

By Bowdoin News

The Bowdoin College Office of Admissions has announced information about the latest admits.

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The admitted Class of 2028 consists of 924 students from a pool of 13,265 applicants across all three admission rounds and join twelve students who deferred their enrollment last year.

Students from the admitted class represent forty-nine states, the District of Columbia, and forty countries.

Seventeen states have more than ten students who have been admitted, with New York and California leading the way. The admitted cohort comes from 701 unique high schools with 60 percent of admitted students having attended public or charter schools and the remainder having attended independent, parochial, or home schools. 

“This group of admitted students were eighth graders when the pandemic closures began,” said Claudia Marroquin ‘06, senior vice president and dean of admissions and student aid.

“For most of the students, their high school experiences began amid lockdowns and virtual learning. Despite these circumstances, admitted students navigated the transitions in remarkable ways and have demonstrated not only their resiliency and creativity, but also their care and awareness of others, their appreciation for learning, and an impressive level of humanity. These students have demonstrated in their own writing and through their actions, that they are ready for opportunities that a Bowdoin education can offer and are eager to engage with their peers and the Bowdoin community across myriad topics and experiences.” 

As decisions have been released, students and their families having been receiving financial aid awards from the College despite the challenges many have faced with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) rollout this year.

Bowdoin uses the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile to award student aid through College policies that meet 100 percent of a student’s calculated need without packaging loans. 

“Our need-based financial aid approach and our capability to determine financial need has not been affected by the FAFSA issues,” Marroquin said.

“We are certainly staying up to date on all the issues affecting students and their families due to the FAFSA challenges and will notify students about their eligibility for any federal funds once we are able to do so.”  

The admissions office now turns its attention to yield events—the first of which (a virtual student chat) took place on March 25.

In addition to several virtual events, the admissions office will host a “Polar Preview Day” on Monday, April 8 and our more intensive “Bearings in Brunswick” two-day experience for admitted students on April 18-19.

The admissions office will have more information regarding the incoming Class of 2028 after the May 1, 2024, enrollment deadline.