Published March 12, 2019 by Tom Porter

Bowdoin Alums Display Storytelling Skills on Public Radio

Two Bowdoin graduates were featured recently on Maine Public Radio showcasing their storytelling skills. Bree Candland ’01 and Max Garcia Conover ’05 were highlighted on Maine Public’s Soundbites series, which features true stories told live on stage by local Mainers and nationally recognized storytellers.


Candland is described as a music lover and animal enthusiast who teaches social studies at Mt. Ararat High School in Topsham. She talked to the audience about her traumatic experience hiking Mount Kathadin—Maine’s highest peak—with a group of friends.

Although not an enjoyable experience in many ways, she explained, the hike taught her some valuable life lessons.

“She has never told a story on stage before,” we are told, “because captive classrooms of fifteen-year-olds don’t fully count.” 

Listen to Bree via Maine Public Radio »

Max García Conover - Rich Man (ft. Spencer Albee)

Conover, a musician who is also based in Maine, has spent several years touring in North America and Europe. His music is often used for the Bowdoin Magazine podcast.

He’s currently signed to the Spanish record label Son Canciones and releases weekly songs through the web platform Patreon. His story is called “A Quest to Find God and Win a Girl.”

Listen to Max via Maine Public Radio »

Both stories were recorded on the same night in August, 2018 at an event called “Black Flies and Backwoods” in Brunswick, Maine.

Max Garcia Conover has also told his story to PRX’s Moth Radio Hour and will be featured on national public radio when Moth comes to Maine later this year.