You can take courses in Arabic, Religion, Cinema Studies, Government, History, and Sociology to fulfill the MENA Studies minor requirements. For course descriptions, visit Classfinder or the Bowdoin College Catalogue and Academic Handbook.


ARBC 1101: Elementary Arabic I
ARBC 1102: Elementary Arabic II
ARBC 2203: Intermediate Arabic I
ARBC 2204: Intermediate Arabic II
ARBC 2305: Advanced Arabic
ARBC 2306: Advanced Arabic II
ARBC 2350: Myth in Arabic Literature: From the Qur'ān to Modern Poetry and Prose

Francophone Studies

FRS3216/CINE3352: North African Cinema from the Independence to the Arab Spring


GOV 2690: Islam and Politics


HIST 2292: Modern Middle East History
HIST 2293: Arab Intellectual History
HIST 2295: Toward the Arab Spring: Uprisings in North African History 
HIST 2365: Swahili Civilizations
HIST 2883: Memory, Violence and Reconciliation in the Middle East
HIST 2884: Competing Nationalisms Israelis and Palestinians 
HIST 2885: Arab Thought: Ideas, Ideologies and Intellectuals
HIST XXXX: Cities in the Middle East (Spring 2020)


REL 1150: Intro to the Religions of the Modern Middle East
REL 2208: Islam
REL 2210: Esoteric and Mystical Themes in Islam
REL 2232: Qur’an
REL 2237: Judaism Under Islam
REL 3333: Islam and Science


SOC 2260: Capitalism, Modernity, and Religion in Turkey 
SOC 2380: Gender in the Middle East