Off-Campus Study Guidelines

First Steps: 

Students thinking of studying abroad should first speak with their advisor. Their advisor will then lead them to the Study Away Questionnaire that the advisor and the student can consult as a basis for determining whether the course will count. The advisor will also tentatively approve the student's study abroad plans.

Receiving Credit for Courses:

Students are guaranteed credit for the courses that their advisor have approved, however students are not locked into these courses and are allowed to change these courses at any time in consultation with their advisor. Courses must be pre-approved. In addition, there are also certain limitations on how many credits can be transferred:

  • One off-campus history course per semester will count toward the history major.If the student is studying abroad for a year, two or three classes may be counted toward the major, pending review.

  • In exceptional cases, students may petition to receive credit for more than one course per semester.

  • In all cases, a maximum of three history courses taken away from Bowdoin can count toward the history major, pending review.

  • Minors may count one course a semester.

During and After Off-Campus Study:

Students studying off campus must receive a C or above in pre-approved classes to receive credit.

Students must also make sure to save their class syllabus and coursework from the courses they wish to receive credit from—students must turn these items in to receive credit. These items must be turned in by October 1 (for those who studied in the Spring Semester) or February 15 (for those who studied in the fall semester). 

October 1
Students who studied abroad in the spring or for the year must turn in their class syllabus and coursework.
February 15
Students who studied abroad in the fall must turn in their class syllabus and coursework.