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William Jackman

Associate Professor of Biology

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Druckenmiller Hall - 130 B

Teaching this semester

BIOL 1109. Scientific Reasoning in Biology

Pamela Bryer William Jackman
Lectures examine fundamental biological principles, from the sub-cellular to the ecosystem level with an emphasis on critical thinking and the scientific method. Laboratory sessions will help develop a deeper understanding of the techniques and methods used in the biological science by requiring students to design and conduct their own experiments. Lecture and weekly laboratory/discussion groups. To ensure proper placement, students must take the biology placement examination and must be recommended for placement in Biology 1109.

BIOL 3307. Evolutionary Developmental Biology

William Jackman
Advanced seminar investigating the synergistic but complex interface between the fields of developmental and evolutionary biology. Topics include the evolution of novel structures, developmental constraints to evolution, evolution of developmental gene regulation, and the generation of variation. Readings and discussions from the primary scientific literature.

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