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Earth and Oceanographic Science

Michèle LaVigne

Assistant Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science

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Earth & Oceanographic Science

Druckenmiller Hall - 118

Teaching this semester

EOS 3515. Research in Oceanography: Topics in Paleoceanography

The ocean plays a key role in regulating Earth’s climate and serves as an archive of past climate conditions. The study of paleoceanography provides a baseline of natural oceanographic variability against which human-induced climate change must be assessed. Examination of the oceans’ physical, biological, and biogeochemical responses to external and internal pressures of Earth’s climate with focus on the Cenozoic Era (past 65.5 million years). Weekly labs and projects emphasize paleoceanographic reconstructions using deep-sea sediments, corals, and ice cores. Includes a laboratory and fulfills the 3000-level research experience course requirement for the EOS major.

Michele LaVigne: Bowdoin College


  • Ph.D. Oceanography: 2010
    Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ
  • B.A. Environmental Chemistry/Geology: 2003
    Hampshire College Amherst, MA

Lab webpage: michelelavigne.tumblr.com

Curriculum vitae (PDF)

LaVigne, M.* denotes undergraduate student author

*Serrato Marks, G., LaVigne, M., Hill, T., Sauthoff, W., Guilderson, T., Roark, E., Dunbar, R. (in prep) Ba/Ca ratios in North Pacific bamboo corals record changes in intermediate water chemistry. Paleoceanography.

LaVigne, M., Grottoli, A., Palardy, J., Sherrell, R. (in revision) Multi-colony calibrations of coral Ba/Ca with a contemporaneous in situ seawater barium record. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

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LaVigne, M., Nurhati, I., Cobb, K., McGregor, H., Sinclair, D., Sherrell, R. (2013) ENSO- driven nutrient variability recorded by central equatorial Pacific corals. Geophysical Research Letters 40,1-6. Highlighted in: American Geophysical Union Research Spotlight: GRL, EOS

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*LaVigne, M., Field, M. P., Anagnostou, E. Grottoli, A, G., Wellington, G., Sherrell, R. M., (2008) Skeletal P/Ca tracks upwelling in Gulf of Panamá coral: Evidence for a new seawater phosphate proxy. Geophysical Research Letters 35, L05604.
Science Editor’s Choice 21 March 2008: vol. 319 p.1590 American Geophysical Union Journal Highlight: GRL, EOS

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