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Christian Potholm

DeAlva Stanwood Alexander Professor of Government

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Government And Legal Studies

Hubbard Hall - 201

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GOV 1028. The Daughters of Mars: Women at War

Christian Potholm
Introduces the student to the nature of warfare throughout various cultures and epochs by focusing on the “Daughters of Mars,” women warriors and warrior queens. Includes case studies from the Trojan war, the early Eurasian steppes, classical Greece and Rome, the High Middle Ages, nineteenth-century Africa, Samurai Japan, the American Civil War, World War II, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Also focuses on the arguments for and against having women in combat, culminating with the contemporary realities and debates concerning American women in combat today. Student research projects investigate these and other related subjects.

GOV 2035. Maine Politics

Christian Potholm
An analysis of politics in the state of Maine since World War II. Subjects covered include the dynamics of Republican and Democratic rivalries and the efficacy of the Independent voter, the rise of the Green and Reform parties, the growing importance of ballot measure initiatives, and the interaction of ethnicity and politics in the Pine Tree State. An analysis of key precincts and Maine voting paradigms is included, as well as a look at the efficacy of such phenomena as the north/south geographic split, the environmental movement, and the impact of such interest groups as SAM, the Tea Party, and the Roman Catholic Church. Students are expected to follow contemporary political events on a regular basis.

Christian Potholm


  • A.B. Bowdoin College
  • M.A, M.A.L.D., Ph.D. Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Mr. Potholm is Professor of Government with teaching specialties in Maine Politics, Warfare, African Politics and international conflict. He previously taught at Vassar, Dartmouth, and the College of the Virgin Islands, and has made frequent trips to Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

The War Triology

Winning at War: 7 Keys to Military Victory Throughout History. Rowman & Littlefield (2010)

War Wisdom: A Cross-Cultural Sampling. Roman & Littlefield (2015)

Understanding War: An Annotated Bibliography. Roman & Littlefield (2016)

 Winning at War: 7 Keys to Military Victory Throughout History. Rowman & Littlefield (2010)War Wisdom pic

This Splendid Game: Maine Campaigns and Elections, 1940-2002. Rowman & Littlefield (2003)

Maine: The Dynamics of Political Change. Rowman & Littlefield (2005)

Maine: An Annotated Bibliography. Lexington Books (2012)

Insider's Guide CoverThis Splendid Game CoverMaine Dynamics Cover      Maine: An Annotated Bibliography. Lexington Books (2012)

The Delights of Democracy: The Triumph of American Politics, An Insider's Guide to Maine Politics:1946-1996, Four African Political Systems, Swaziland: The Dynamics of Political Modernization, Liberation and Exploitation, The Theory and Practice of African Politics, Strategy and Conflict, and Just Do It! Political Participation in the 1990s. He is the co-editor of Integration and Disintegration in East Africa, Southern Africa in Perspective: Essays in Regional Cooperation, Focus on Police with Professor Richard Morgan, and is co-author of American Politics: Directions of Change, Dynamics of Choice and People, Power and Politics. In addition, he has published numerous articles and reviews in such journals as World Politics, International Journal, Journal of Modern African Studies, Pan African Journal, Cultures et Development, and the Journal of Politics.

Delights of Democracy Cover4africansystemsPeople, Power, Politics Cover