Student Research

The economics department encourages majors to consider independent research projects as part of their major program. Each year, the most promising independent studies are considered for departmental honors.

Past Honors Projects


Giesler, Eric T., "The Effect of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative on Student Achievement: An Evaluation of a One-to-One Laptop Program" 

Wang, Yinong N., "Financial Reporting Quality Risk in Long-Term Security Pricing" 


Butler, Michael S., "Investigating the Effects of Migration on Economic Growth in Aging OECD Countries from 1975-2015"

Duan, Jiaqi, "The Impact of State Ownership on Enterprises' Stock Market Performance in China"

Guo, Xuanming, "Blockholders and Their Effect on Project Value: An Empirical Approach of Understanding Ownership Concentration and Firm Value Using an Event Study Framework"

Maslak, Gregory D., "Bank Consolidation and Systemic Risk: M&As during the 2008 Financial Crisis"

Wallace, Justin T., "What Drives Demand for Media Slant?"