Working Groups

Budget Review Group

In anticipation of a significant decline in financial markets, modest economic growth, and high unemployment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the College will need make budgetary changes in order to preserve the excellence of its programs while also preserving jobs. The Budget Review Group will engage with the president and staff in the treasurer’s office and will offer questions, advice, and suggestions as the College build the budgets for the 2020–2021 academic year and beyond. 

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Group Membership:

Ta Herrera, professor of economics (chair)
Connie Chiang, professor of history and environmental studies

Marjorie Hassen, director, Bowdoin College Library

Will Hausmann ’22

Kelly Irving, administrative coordinator, safety and security; chair, Support Staff Advocacy Committee (SSAC)

Amy Kerr, senior director, project management, information technology

Aaron Kitch, associate professor of English

Caitlin Loi ’20
Nancy Milam, director of gift planning, development and alumni relations 

Thomas Pietraho, associate professor of mathematics

Mike Ranen, associate dean of student affairs and director of residential and student life

Collin Roesler, professor of earth and oceanographic science

Alice Wiercinski, associate director of athletics

Return to Campus Group

The COVID-19 pandemic presents risks that may not be mitigated completely until a vaccine is widely available, and this affects the ability of all colleges and universities to resume on-campus classes and other activities in the fall. The Return to Campus Group is charged with analyzing the issues that would have to be addressed and with making recommendations for necessary changes, actions, and alterations in behavior that would be required in order to safely open the fall semester back on campus.

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Report of the Return to Campus Group

Group Membership:

Jennifer Scanlon, William R. Kenan Professor of the Humanities in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies (chair)
Ericka Albaugh, associate professor of government

Jim Caton, assistant athletic director for communications, communications and public affairs

Eric Chown, Sarah and James Bowdoin Professor of Digital and Computational Studies

Tori Clarke ’20

Allison Crosscup, director of corporate and foundation relations, development and alumni relations

Tim Hanson, associate director for security operations

Stephen Houser, senior director of academic technology and consulting

Jacob Kassama ’22

Mary McAteer Kennedy, associate vice president and executive director of campus services, dining, and Bowdoin stores

Abigail Killeen, associate professor of theater

Barry Logan, professor of biology 

Claudia Marroquin ’06, director of admissions

Ann Ostwald, director of academic budget and operations, academic affairs

Stephen Perkinson, professor of art history and associate dean for academic affairs

Melissa Quinby ’91, associate dean of students and dean of first-year students

Tim Ryan ’98, Ashmead White Director of Athletics

Sean Xie ’21

Continuity in Teaching and Learning Group

Given the uncertainty about COVID-19, the College must be prepared to ensure the continuity of teaching and learning through a remote model, in case face-to-face options are not viable, or because of an outbreak or government action that requires us to again move students off campus. The Continuity in Teaching and Learning Group will develop a remote teaching and learning model that will approach the challenge from a fresh perspective while building on the lessons learned during the spring 2020 semester. The group will survey students and faculty, consult with experienced practitioners, develop a set of tools and resources, examine institutional structures (e.g., different teaching time blocks, modular approaches to the semester, etc.), and will submit interim reports to the president and dean for academic affairs before completing its work by June 30, 2020.

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Report of the Continuity in Teaching and Learning Group

Group Membership:

Rick Broene, professor of chemistry (chair)
Katie Byrnes, director of the Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching
Tess Chakkalakal, Peter M. Small Associate Professor of Africana Studies and English
Dallas Denery, professor of history
Manolo Diaz-Rios, professor of neuroscience and biology
Crystal Hall, associate professor of digital humanities, digital and computational studies
Juli Haugen, digital content and accessibility specialist, communications and public affairs
Stephen Houser, senior director of academic technology and consulting
Lesley Levy, director of student accessibility
Joshua Lin ’22
Uriel Lopez-Serrano ’20
Tracy McMullen, associate professor of music
Caroline Poole ’22
Elizabeth Pritchard, associate professor of religion and associate dean for academic affairs
Arielle Saiber, professor of romance languages and literatures
Carrie Scanga, associate professor of art
Gavin Schilling ’21
Jennifer Snow, educational research consultant, academic technology and consulting
Dan Stone, associate professor of economics
Karen Topp, senior lecturer in physics and faculty liaison for advising
Erin Valentino, associate librarian for research, instruction, and outreach
Mary Lou Zeeman, R. Wells Johnson Professor of Mathematics