Information for students, faculty, and staff about Bowdoin's plan for the spring 2021 semester.


  • First and foremost,  the health and safety  of students, faculty, staff, and our neighbors in the Brunswick community; 

  • Providing  an excellent Bowdoin education  to every student; 

  • Strengthening the bonds  of our community; and 

  • Being  good stewards of our financial resources.  


  • We will bring seniors, juniors, and sophomores back to campus, plus first-year students for whom home is not a place where they can learn, including first-year international students. All other first-year students will study remotely.
  • Classes will continue to be offered primarily online. Faculty will have the opportunity to offer in-person classes, and we expect that there will be a number of in-person upper-level classes, including laboratory courses. With few exceptions, senior seminars that are required for graduation will be online to ensure that all students have access.
  • Seniors will have the option to live off campus and still be “in residence” at the College (i.e., be able to take any in-person classes, have access to College facilities, and engage safely with students living on campus.) Any senior living off campus and who is “in residence” will also have to abide by a set of expectations and rules, including participating fully in the College’s COVID-19 testing program.
  • All juniors and sophomores who are not studying remotely will be required to live in campus housing.
  • The campus will remain closed to the public in order to protect the health of Bowdoin students, faculty, and staff and the broader Brunswick community.