Information for Students Testing Positive for COVID-19 On Campus

  • Students with any questions about isolation should email Luisa Barry–Hershberger (
  • You should immediately seek help if your symptoms become severe (e.g., you have chest pain or shortness of breath) or you are unable to take care of yourself (e.g., you are unable to eat or drink, or you experience excessive light-headedness). Contact Health Services via phone 207-725-3770 or email Monday–Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On weekends, after business hours, or in an emergency call Bowdoin Security at 207-725-3500.
  • If you need support from Counseling, call 207-725-3145 during normal business hours or email
  • Parents and families with any questions about Bowdoin's COVID-19 guidelines should email

Making an Isolation Plan and Reporting your Symptoms for Health Services

Once you test positive for COVID-19 on campus, you need to determine your plan for isolation and notify the College using the Isolation Intake Form. Options for isolation include:

  • Isolate in place (i.e., your room/apartment) on campus.
  • Isolate at home—preferred if (1) your permanent residence is nearby and (2) you are able to travel in a private vehicle (either your own vehicle or with parents/family).

The Isolation Intake Form will also prompt you to report any symptoms so that Health Services can follow up as needed.

Visit the "How to Isolate in Place" page for more information, including important details about limiting your exposure to others and taking care of your needs (e.g., food). If you have significant concerns about your options for isolation reach out to the Isolation Care Coordinator, Luisa Barry-Hershberger

Instructions Regarding Close Contacts

We ask that you email/call/text any close contacts you may have. A close contact is defined as any individual you have been in contact with in the past forty-eight (48) hours before symptom onset and/or tested positive (in contact = within a proximity of less than six feet for more than fifteen minutes, regardless of masking and indoor/outdoor setting). When speaking with them simply let them know you have tested positive for COVID-19 and that they must remember to go to PCR testing on campus (Mondays and Thursdays). Additional information is available on the close contact guidance page.

Instructions for Clearing Isolation (at home and on campus) 

Students who receive a positive COVID-19 test result must isolate for at least five full days, followed by wearing a mask through day ten—the positive test date is day zero.

To end isolation students must:

  • have isolated for at least 5 days after a positive test;
  • be asymptomatic OR be fever-free for twenty-four (24) hours with clearly improving symptoms; and
  • receive a negative result on a rapid antigen test 

For those on campus, follow-up antigen testing on day five or later will be available:

  • Monday–Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Farley Field House.
  • If day five (or beyond) is on a weekend: students should contact Security before picking up an E-Med BinaxNOW antigen test. 

For those isolating at home, you should call security and coordinate contactless pickup of two E-Med antigen tests before departing from campus.  

If you test negative on day five or later, you are released from isolation.  If students end their isolation before day ten, they are still expected to mask and reduce their exposure to others (e.g., grab-and-go dining) until they have reached day ten.

If you test positive on day five or later:

  • remain in isolation, as you may still be contagious; and
  • wait 48 hours before taking a second antigen test (e.g., day seven if tested positive on day five).


  • Do not report to the Broad PCR screening for sixty (60) days from your original positive test date.
  • Our community relies on students’ honest self-assessment of symptoms and improvement. If symptoms have not resolved and/or if you receive a positive antigen test result after day five, you are expected to remain in isolation. 
  • When applicable, contact your professors to let them know you cannot attend class for the next few days. If you need assistance navigating academics while in isolation, you can reach out to your class dean as well.