FAQ for Student Employee Supervisors

Fall 2020 Employment

1. Will there be any student jobs on-campus this fall?
There will be limited opportunities for students to work on-campus this fall. All student jobs must be pre-approved by your senior officer, then student employment. Please contact your senior officer or department head to discuss your student staffing needs. 

2. Can a student who is living off-campus work on-campus?
No, only students who are living in Bowdoin housing are permitted to work on-campus. Students living off-campus may be allowed to work remotely, if the job is approved for remote work.

3. Can I hire a student to work remotely?
Possibly. Again, there will be limited student jobs this fall, however there will be jobs that support the academic programs that can be performed remotely. First, the request for remote work form must be completed. SEO will notify you of the status of your request, then you will be asked to hire the student in Workday, if approved. Students will not be permitted to work remotely outside of the United States.

4. Will the First-Year Job Placement Program be available?
No, based on the limited number of jobs available and the removal of the work expectation for aided students, we have decided not to offer this program for the Fall 2020. First Year students living on-campus can work, however, the job opportunities will be limited.

5. Can a student who has been granted a Personal Leave of Absence work in a student job?
No, if a student has been granted a leave of absence, they are no longer eligible for student employment.

6. What if my request for student help is denied and I still have a need for additional staff?
Talk to your supervisor about the possibility of reaching out to HR to tap into the Talent Share resources. Contact Brian Robinson or Cassie Christie for more information on Talent Share.

7. Can I start hiring my student employees in Workday for the fall?
Yes, if your student is living on campus this fall, you can hire them in Workday. If they will be working remotely, please complete the request for remote work form first, and once you receive approval, you may hire the student in Workday. Please note, most students will need to be transferred out of the student pool as we ended most student jobs this summer. Contact seo@bowdoin.edu if you need assistance.