Summer 2021 Employment

Will there be jobs available for students this summer on campus?
Yes, there will be on-campus jobs available for students this summer.

Will there be summer housing for student employees?
Summer housing will be available to students who commit to a campus job with a minimum of twenty hours per week. Housing applications are now available through the Office of Events and Summer Programs.

Can I work more than twenty hours per week in the summer?
During the summer student employees may work up to forty hours per week in one job or in a combination of jobs.

Can I live locally, off campus and still work on campus.
Students will be permitted to live off campus and still work on campus provided they agree to the terms of the summer community agreement and participate in the summer COVID testing protocol.

I’m planning to live outside of Maine for the summer, can I work remotely?
Unfortunately, the College is unable to offer remote summer employment to students living outside of Maine. Per Internal Revenue Service guidelines, students working summer jobs who are not enrolled in full-time classes must be classified as regular employees for payroll purposes, subject to FICA, federal, and state tax withholdings. Each state has its own rules and guidelines, but all generally require payroll tax withholdings and remittances for work performed within state lines. Last summer there were special state exceptions due to COVID, that have now expired. Because of this, the College is unable to hire students working outside of Maine.

Can I work remotely from anywhere in Maine?
If the job can be performed remotely, students will be permitted to perform that work from anywhere within the state of Maine.

How can I find on-campus summer jobs?
To find on-campus summer jobs please check JobX regularly. You can also sign up for JobMail and receive notifications when jobs are posted. Please note, some jobs are listed under spring semester as they begin late spring, part-time, then transition to full-time over the summer.