For Student Employees

Student FAQs Spring Semester

1. When can I start my spring semester job?
It depends on whether your work requires you to physically be in a campus building.

  • In-person jobs (dining, library, athletics, etc.): In-person jobs will not begin until the initial intensive testing protocol is complete and in-person classes have started (on or around February 22). This date may change based on the status of the campus community and the timing of the opening of buildings/facilities.
  • Remote jobs (Learning Assistant, Grader, Mentor, etc.): Remote jobs may start as soon your supervisor requests, provided you have been hired into the job within Workday. Check Workday to see if your job is active. If you are working remotely out of state, confirm with your supervisor that they have notified Student Employment of your work location.
  • First job at Bowdoin: If this is your first job at Bowdoin you will need to complete the necessary employment paperwork before you may begin working.

2. This is my first job at Bowdoin, can I complete the employment paperwork electronically?
Some of the forms will be completed electronically, however the first form that needs to be completed, the I-9 form, must be completed in person.

  • If you are on-campus or “in-residence” for the spring semester you should schedule an appointment with SEO to complete the I-9 form after arriving on campus.
  • If you are remote for the semester please email to get the details about how to complete the I-9 remotely.

Tax forms and direct deposit will be completed electronically through Workday once the I-9 is complete.

3. What documents do I need to complete the I-9 Form?
You need specific identification for the I-9 form. Most students will present a passport, passport card, birth certificate, or social security card, however there are others to choose from. Review the full list of acceptable documents before meeting with Student Employment. Note: Expired documents, copies, or faxes cannot be accepted.

4. If I’ve already worked at Bowdoin, do I need to complete the I-9 form again?
No, you only need to complete this form once.

5. I’m living off campus for the spring semester, can I still work on campus?
It depends. Seniors living off campus who have “in-residence” privileges are permitted to work on campus. Students living off campus who have NOT been granted “in-residence” privileges are not permitted to work on campus, however, they may be allowed to work remotely if the job is approved for remote work.

6. Have pay rates changed for the spring semester?
Most pay rates remain the same. Level I jobs, at $12.00 have been increased to $12.15, due to an increase in Maine minimum wage, effective 1/1/2021. This is the only adjustment for the academic year.

7. What happens if I’m a student employee and I test positive for COVID or am required to quarantine due to contact tracing?
If your job allows you to work remotely and you feel well enough to work, you may continue while in quarantine. However, if your job requires you to work in-person you must notify your supervisor that you will not be able to work until you are cleared. If unable to work a shift you will not be paid for the missed time. As a student employee you are only paid for hours worked.

8. I’m eager to find work this semester, how do I go about finding a job?
Student jobs are limited this semester due to COVID. Check JobX regularly for newly listed jobs. As the campus settles into the semester we hope to have more jobs available. You can also network—ask staff, faculty, and friends if they know of any open jobs.

9. Can I work if I’m on leave for the semester?
No, students who are on a leave of any kind for the semester are not eligible for student employment.

10. Can I work if I’m living abroad?
No, regardless of your visa status and/or citizenship status, if you are living outside of the United States you are not eligible for student employment.

11. Will students receiving financial aid still have an earning expectation through work study this spring?
No, the spring semester work expectation has been replaced with a Bowdoin grant for all aided students.