Resources for Students Studying Remotely

This page summarizes the key information and resources for students who will be learning remotely, off campus for the spring 2021 semester. We will continue to update this website throughout the semester. If you have any additional questions and aren’t sure where to turn, please email

Update (April 2): For students studying remotely in Maine, please review our COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs, which include updated information about accessing the Midcoast Hospital Vaccination clinic for Bowdoin students, as well as general information about getting vaccinated in Maine.

Update (February 26): Per Dean Lohmann's February 24 email (Connecting to Campus as a Remote Student), the spring Remote Connections program is now live. This initiative is aimed at supporting you in your student experience this semester, from navigating the tactical challenges of being remote to helping you find ways to connect to Bowdoin from afar. You should be hearing from a member of the team in the coming week, but if you would like to be connected to anyone sooner, please reach out to Dean Katie Toro-Ferrari.

Update (February 24): Remember, now that Add/Drop II is over, Extended Drop period goes until Wednesday, March 24 (click here for more information). Additionally, the period for taking a class under the Credit/D/Fail policy has been extended-- you can elect to take one course Credit/D/Fail until Monday, May 3 (more information on these policies can be found here). 

Last updated: April 2, 2021

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Contact: Lesley Levy (, Director of Student Accessibility

Faculty are encouraged to utilize digitally accessible course materials and Universal Design practices in their courses. However, students with documented disabilities may still require reasonable accommodations. A formal request for accommodation is necessary:

  • If you are already registered with the Student Accessibility Office and need to discuss any necessary adjustments to your existing accommodations (including accommodations that are specific for the online learning environment), please contact Lesley Levy ( directly.

Any student who believes that they may qualify for academic or other accommodations based on a documented disability must identify and request accommodations through the Student Accessibility Office. As explained in Bowdoin’s Accommodation Procedures for Students with Disabilities, a documented disability may include a temporary injury/disability, learning disability, attention deficit disorder, a visual, hearing, a mobility impairment, a physical or mental illness, or a chronic health condition. After completing the request form, you will typically be asked to submit documentation of your disability before your request can be reviewed. An individual appointment with a staff member in Student Accessibility is always encouraged (and is sometimes necessary) for us to fully understand your needs. Please contact Lesley via phone or email to schedule an appointment following the completion of your request.

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Contact: Neil Willey (, Head Coach of Strength and Conditioning

Athletic Department staff and coaches will be available to support students throughout the spring semester. Any student interested in guidance regarding physical fitness activity is encouraged to contact Head Coach of Strength and Conditioning, Neil Willey (, as Neil will be able to assist with workout alternatives while many traditional fitness centers may be closed across the country.

Teams will continue to conduct team meetings and leadership development programming, and coaches will be able to provide sport-specific workouts with associated feedback, albeit remotely. Athletic Trainers will be available for telehealth consultations via Microsoft Teams, and additional support services such as sport psychology consultation with Dr. Loren Bush and nutrition consultation with Briana Bruinooge, RDN will be provided through remote platforms. 

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Bowdoin College Museum of Art (BCMA)

Contact: Elizabeth Humphreys (, Curatorial Assistant and Manager of Student Programs

The Bowdoin College Museum of Art (BCMA) remains committed to providing resources to support your remote learning. We invite your feedback and ideas about how we might better serve you during this time.

To find out about events and participate, please check the Museum of Art’s page on CampusGroups. All details on upcoming events will be posted there along with the registration link.

We’ve also developed a student program series, Art Up Close at the BCMA, which takes place Wednesdays at 1:00pm EST. Episodes feature a bite-sized conversation centered on works in the permanent collection. You can register for these episodes via the Museum of Art’s page on CampusGroups. Catch up on previous episodes on our YouTube page! 

We are pleased to host a number of Remote Learning Resources available to you. These include:

  • Visit your courses’ ePackets, where you can explore museum objects curated for your class visits

Even if you are off campus, you can still request access to object record files for research. Files may contain previous research and publications on the work of art as well as information about past owners of the art objects. Please contact Elizabeth Humphrey at least three business days before you need to consult the files. She will scan relevant information to share with you digitally.

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Counseling and Wellness Services

Contact: Roland Mendiola, PsyD (, Interim Director of Counseling & Wellness Services

Scope of Telemental Health Services 

The Counseling Service is offering telemental health services for the upcoming semester. Any Bowdoin student residing in the state of Maine will have full access to counseling and psychiatric support. For students out of state, extended services may or may not be available based on the laws of the state in which you live. There are multiple efforts currently in motion to allow college students to receive services across state lines from their educational institution and its staff. In addition, the Bowdoin Counseling Service will research ways to get temporary licenses in states beyond Maine. If a state does not permit this type of mental health counseling to be provided, then the Counseling Service will meet via phone or videoconference for a one-time consultation to assist students in finding a resource in their home area. We will keep you updated as conditions change. 

Counseling Services 

Please feel free to contact Bowdoin Counseling Service at (207-727-3145) to set up an appointment for next semester. If you need more urgent consultation this summer for mental health support, then you can also contact the Counseling Service. In the case of an emergency our crisis counseling service can be reached 24 hours a day (207-725-3145 and press “1”). 

Psychiatry and Medication 

This year, Bowdoin Counseling Service will have a full-time psychiatric provider to support students. If you are a student who currently works with a psychiatric provider at the Counseling Service, please call our Administrative Coordinator, Lindsay Jacobs at (207-725-3145) or the counselor on call if you have a concern regarding your medication. We will help you make a plan for medication coverage. 

Mental Health Crisis 

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact Counseling Services during business hours. If you are in need of emergency support in the evenings and over the weekend, please contact our 24-hour on-call Crisis Counseling Service at (207-725-3145 then press “1"). The Crisis Counseling Service is also available during the day if you do not immediately reach a staff member at the Counseling Center. Please call 9-1-1 or go directly to a hospital emergency room if you need immediate medical or mental health treatment. 

Student Wellness Programming 

We offer integrative and holistic support for mental, emotional and social health. During the spring semester, we will provide virtual wellness classes such as yoga, meditation, movement motivation and mind-body stress-reduction. Follow us on Instagram at BWellBowdoin for updates! For students seeking more positive social connection and community, there is an opportunity to join a peer group that meets virtually on bi-weekly basis for student-centered support. Even though we may be practicing physical distancing we can still foster connection and closeness creatively. For more individualized support, Kate Nicholson, assistant director of student wellness programs, is available via office hours for 'well chats' to discuss best practices for stress less, sound sleep, anxiety and mood balance, healthy movement or exercise, time management, body positivity and holistic nutrition. Students can contact Kate directly at 

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Career Exploration and Development


CXD is here for you as you pursue jobs, internships and other opportunities this spring.  We are posting jobs, internships, events, advising and more every week.  In particular, look out for employer and alumni recruitment and networking events, mock interviews, and internship funding.  

  • Handshake will always have the latest job and internship postings and events.  Use Handshake to book advising appointments (via Zoom) with advisors in each career field.  You don’t need to know what you are aiming to do before you meet with us – that’s what an exploring appointment is for! 
  • Up at midnight drafting a cover letter?  Our new self-serve suite of resources and tipsheets on resumes, cover letters, interviewing and more is ready for you in Handshake (and check out our updated website for breaking news such as internship funding information). 
  • Looking for a one-stop shop to read about all Bowdoin sources of summer research and internship funding?  Look no further, it’s here. 
  • Watch the class email lists, especially Class of 2021! Update your career preferences in Handshake - that gets you customized lists of jobs and events prepared by CXD advisors and the employer relations team.  Those come to you via Handshake’s email service (even though they are from real people in CXD) –  so make sure the emails from Handshake are coming to you and not to spam! 
  • If you have a question for the office, can’t immediately find an advising appointment that fits your time zone, or need to figure out where to start, email 
  • Follow us on Instagram: @bowdoincxd
Bowdoin log


Contact: Adeena Fisher (

Nostalgic for your favorite Bowdoin foods? Here are some of our most popular recipes. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact Adeena Fisher (
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Gender Violence Prevention and Education

Contact: Lisa Peterson (, Director of Gender Violence Education and Prevention

Students may sign up for a time slot for a one-on-one chat with Lisa Peterson during office hours. Chats can be about engaging in the work, ideas for programs, feedback about past programs, or support. Please note, Lisa is a confidential resource, meaning she does not connect students directly with Title IX or the Deans Office. If you have concerns about what she can keep confidential, she’s happy to speak in hypotheticals to help clarify any limitations to her confidentiality.  

Bookings will be available: Monday and Tuesday 9:00 AM -11:00 a.m. (EDT) and 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m. (EDT); Wednesday and Thursday 3:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m. (EDT). 
The Office will continue to leverage the Instagram account and physical campus posters and displays to raise awareness of and start conversations about the impact of gender violence. Efforts will include both on-campus and virtual components to build community regardless of where students are living and learning. The Office continues to be available to offer dialogues or workshops for groups of interested students; email to request a training/dialogue. 

Skill building, dialogue, and culture change 

  • Asynchronous “workshops” as well as scheduled webinars to improve knowledge and skills 
  • Zoom-based dialogues and discussion groups that promote connection and deep conversation about gender violence prevention topics as well as relevant tv/film/books 
  • Virtual healthy masculinities summit April 6, 8 & 9 
  • Virtual Sexual Assault Awareness Month programming in April 
  • Physical and virtual “public art” campus conversations around topics like hookup culture, sexual respect, and relationships 

Support and empowerment 

  • Organized shared moments on/off campus to stand against gender violence and support those impacted 
  • Connection-focused programmingg to build community and belonging 
  • Trauma-sensitive yoga, writing, & other collaborative groups that center wellness in healing   

Please follow us on Instagram @bowdoinviolenceprevention or sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter for other opportunities and announcements. 

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Health Services


Primary care

Bowdoin College Health Services will maintain availability remotely for students not residing on campus. If you are off campus and have a question, you are welcome to reach out. We welcome a collaborative approach to care for our remote students with their home providers. Please contact us by email at or by phone: (207) 725-3770. 

The Anthem BCBS Bowdoin Student Health Insurance Plan provides coverage to students and access to providers throughout the United States and even has a global provider network in some countries outside of the United States. Keep in mind, students insured through Anthem have coverage whether they are on campus in Maine, at home or located elsewhere for the academic year. For students who may be insured through two separate health insurance plans, the student health insurance plan and a parents/guardian’s plan, the student health insurance plan should be considered the student’s primary coverage and should pay any claims incurred first, with resulting balances reverting to the other plan. 
Please continue to reach out to Cathy Hayes, Student Health Insurance Coordinator, with insurance-related questions ( Please note that the school health insurance plan will have all COVID-19 related services covered by the plan.

Staying Safe and Healthy as an Off-Campus Student 

While students on campus or in-residence are being tested on a regular basis, we recognize that those of you off-campus might be navigating what it means to live autonomously “in community” and set your own household expectations and safety protocols. Additionally, you may be in communities with limited access to COVID-19 testing. We have curated the following online articles and resources as a starting point, and we encourage you to use them to craft something that will work for you and your specific household. Rather than evaluating risk on a binary scale where you are either all-in or not at all, consider a spectrum approach where you can choose from a variety of options and tradeoffs that can all play a role in keeping you safe and healthy.

  • COVID-19 Testing

*A note about testing: we are using on-campus testing as a precautionary measure this semester (i.e., we are using it for pre-symptomatic screening). This is likely not a logistically feasible approach if you are living off campus.

Based on this reality, we recommend that you create a COVID-19 risk management protocol for your household that does not rely exclusively on testing. Testing on its own is not a panacea, and you may not be able to get tested in a regular, consistent manner given local availability of tests. Instead, we recommend using testing in targeted ways, such as:

  • if you or anyone you know is symptomatic;
  • if you have a known/presumed exposure to COVID-19;
  • if you are preparing to travel or returning from travel;
  • or, if your bubble is breached.

 As an off-campus student, you still have access to Bowdon’s symptom tracking app, Campus Clear, and can (should!) use it individually and collectively in your households if you are living with other Bowdoin students. 

For those of you in the Brunswick area or broader Maine, Walgreens is a good option for testing given proximity and ease of access, although the sign-up process suggests tests are prioritized for individuals with symptoms or exposure to COVID-19, and demand can be high. The Portland Jetport also offers both PCR and a Rapid Test options to “anyone who feels they need a test,” regardless of symptoms or exposure. Lastly, MaineHealth is running a Swab and Send program that allows you to request a test without symptoms and free of charge (if you are asked for a provider’s order, you can request one from Dr. Maher).

Other useful links:

  • Forming a COVID-19 bubble and negotiating household rules

*A few general tips on bubbles:

  • Keep your bubble small. Start with members of your immediate household and add sparingly from there.
  • Members of the bubble should avoid crowds, even if masked, and keep a distance of 6-feet from others.
  • Everyone must be willing to quarantine or isolate if a member of the bubble is exposed to someone with COVID-19 or develops symptoms themselves. If you are required to quarantine or isolate, it is imperative that you remain in your personal space and not interact with others to limit any spread.
  • Members of the bubble should hold each other accountable. It’s ok to address issues that you feel may be putting your bubble at risk, and there are a variety of resources for navigating conversation and conflict in a healthy way (including staff at Bowdoin!). 

Other useful links:

Navigating personal and social activities

Who doesn't love an infographic? This one does a good job at capturing your risk across the spectrum and how you can mitigate at each level.

risk infographic

Other useful links:

As always, please feel free to reach out to if you have questions or are looking for help navigating your health and wellbeing.

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Inclusion and Diversity

Contact: Kate Stern (, Associate Dean of Students for Inclusion & Diversity in Student Affairs and Director of the Sexuality, Women, & Gender Center 

The Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) team is dedicated to creating community with Bowdoin students no matter where they are. We know things are stressful, and many students may feel overwhelmed in many different ways in this difficult time. The I&D team is still here to provide students on and off campus with support, whether that is in the form of virtual one-on-one meetings, in virtual group meetings, or simply by email (see below). We will also be utilizing resources including social media and email newsletters to share information, build community, and connect students with each other. We will continue to be provide some virtual programming online including Intragroup Dialogue on Race for White Identified Students, Intergroup Dialogue on Class, Virtual Quinner, connections for religious and spiritual groups around holidays, as well as other programs for Black History Month, Women’s Herstory Month and Asian Heritage Month. Reach out and let us know what you are hoping for! 
Email to set up a time to connect via phone, Teams or Zoom: 

Kate Stern, Associate Dean of Students for Inclusion & Diversity in Student Affairs and Director of the Sexuality, Women, & Gender Center  
Eduardo Pazos, Assistant Dean of Inclusion and Diversity in Student Affairs and Director of the Rachel Lord Center for Religious & Spiritual Life  
Rachel Reinke, Associate Director of the Sexuality, Women, & Gender Center  

Kyra Green, Interim Director of the Center for Multicultural Life starting March 1st 

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Information Technology


Bowdoin IT can offer assistance with student iPads, accessing computer labs remotely, providing assistance with virtual workstations, answering a variety of software or tech how-tos, etc.

Students can contact us the following ways:

  • Live chat during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8-5 with extended evening hours Monday-Thursday)
  • Chat with our AI-driven chatbot named BowdoinBot evenings and weekends
  • Enter a ticket 24/7 at
  • Browse/search our knowledge base
Books in a library


Contact: Erin Valentino (, Associate Librarian for Research, Instruction, and Outreach

Note: Whether you are in residence or attending Bowdoin remotely, if you need access to readings from a physical book “on reserve” or access to chapters or specific pages of a book in CBBcat or beyond, you may requests scans of up 3 chapters of a book through Bowdoin Digital Delivery. Please note that physical books on reserve do not circulate and will only be available for scanning.

  1. Select and fill out the “Book Chapter” Request Form. Please do not use the “Book” form; doing so will delay the processing of your request.  
  2. Please, only one book chapter request per request form. (If you are requesting three chapters, submit three different forms.)
  3. Not sure what chapter you need? Many records in CBBcat include chapter contents. Look for the links under “More Information” or the “See Full Table of Contents” link. If you are not able to find the table of contents information, you may use the “Book Table of Content Request” form, just below the “Book Chapter” form, to request a scan of the “Table of Contents.”

Book chapter scans from the Bowdoin collection will be digitally delivered in 1-2 days. Scans from Bates, Colby, or beyond with will be digitally delivered in 2-4 days.

If you experience difficulty accessing library resources from off-campus, please contact Carr Ross ( to troubleshoot connection issues.

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McKeen Center

Contact: Sarah Seames (, Director of the McKeen Center for the Common Good

This spring, the McKeen Center will continue to provide opportunities to examine the common good, promote virtual volunteering, and develop educational programming focused on public issues and ways to address them. 
Types of programming and student support we will offer include: 

  • Educational and leadership development programming focusing on existing themes of the McKeen Center and issues identified by students, including Antiracist Volunteering and Intergroup Dialogue on Class (more details to come on CampusGroups). 
  • Virtual volunteering and remote impact opportunities that allow students to meet the needs of community organizations from anywhere.  
  • Addressing the reality of the world we are currently living in through 1) examining specific elements of challenges facing communities today and utilizing alumni expertise to explore how to approach them, and 2) creating new opportunities for community engagement based on community-identified needs. 
  • Exploring how to serve the common good through public service utilizing seminars and discussions with student groups, alumni and distinguished public servants.  
  • Individual consultation for students considering how they can stay connected with Brunswick or engage with their local communities. 

Visit the McKeen Center website frequently for current information on our programs and updated guidelines for any in-person volunteering. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and watch for our weekly e-newsletter to stay informed about opportunities.

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Office of the Dean of Students


The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to your success during this challenging year, and we are still available to assist with what you may need. Most of our staff will still operate remotely throughout the Spring semester. Please email your dean directly if you need to connect and they will work with you to schedule a call, video conference, or if on campus and feasible, a meeting in-person (physically distanced of course)!  Because we recognize that you may reside in a different time zone, please be clear on your availability. It is best if you offer the Eastern Standard Time (EST) availability for clarity. 

Additionally, members of the dean staff will continue to reach out to you to provide guidance on academic progress; discuss conduct inquiries/outcomes; assist with navigating resources; and offer ways to navigate situations that you may find to be quite difficult to handle independently. We recognize the challenges and look forward to helping you be successful in the spring semester.  For your convenience, please see the contact information below to connect with your respective dean. 
First Year Deans 
Dean Melissa Quinby,  
Dean Stephanie Rendall (FY international students),

Upperclass Deans 
Dean Khoa Khuong (L-Z) [UC international students],  
Dean Michael Pulju (A-K) [transfer students],   

Advisor to the Judicial Board 
Dean Kate O’Grady,

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Outing Club

Contact: Michael Woodruff (, Outing Club Director

Stay tuned for updates soon.
dinner with six strangers

Res Life

Contact: Whitney Hogan (, Director of Residential Education and Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

The Office of Residential Life will actively support students this Spring. Res Life staff will welcome all students who will be on campus this Spring, as well as connect and maintain community among first years who are taking classes remotely. Res Life staff is excited to engage students wherever they are in conversations and programs relating to anti-racism, mental wellness, identity, community-building, and self-reflection. 

College Houses 

College Houses will continue to create community both virtually and safely in person as weather and campus guidelines permit. The College House application process will begin in March, more details to come. For any questions regarding College Houses email Stephanie Patterson ( 

Peer Health  

Peer Health will continue to create and distribute health and wellness resources for students no matter their location. The Peer Health application process is open until March 14th. For any questions about Peer Health email Celeste Hynes ( 


The Fall ‘21 semester housing lottery will be held in June, more detail to come on that by late April. The off-campus lottery website will be updated by March with new dates and information. Please reach out to or 207-725-3225 with any questions. 

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Student Activities

Contact: Nate Hintze (, Director of Student Activities

Student Activities is here to help with your ideas! We are committed to serving students by: 

  • Working with the BSG to make sure student voices are being heard. 
  • Helping the SOOC with the charting of new clubs that are in the queue, assist with the re-chartering of student organizations and the transition of club leadership. 
  • Working with existing student organizations to help them stay connected to their members. 
  • Coordinating with the SAFC for operating budget submissions. 
  • Supporting Class Council efforts to build class unity from afar. 
  • Maintaining free home access to cable TV and Polarflix (need VPN access). 
  • Holding virtual office hours weekly. We want to hear from you! 

There is always Bowdoin Minecraft. While learning virtually, you can build your own virtual community. 
Contact us by phone (207) 725-3375 or email Nate Hintze ( 


Quick links

The Bowdoin College App – If you haven’t already, download the CampusGroups app onto your mobile device (search “The Bowdoin College App” in your local app store) and get set up. This is the place to view all student events (virtual or otherwise) and keep connected and engaged with Campus life!

Comcast Xfinity Cable TV – Some local channels may not be available.  


Bowdoin Minecraft Server 
Server: (IP address) 
For more information check out @bowdoin.minecraft on Instagram