COVID-19 Testing Update

To the Bowdoin community,

A first-year student notified the College early this morning—several hours before arriving in Brunswick—that they had received a positive test result for COVID-19 while driving to campus from out of state. Upon arrival this afternoon, the student went directly to the College facility set aside for isolation. The student did not visit any other parts of campus or town.

This student did participate in the College’s pre-travel COVID-19 testing program the week of August 17 and received a negative test, and prior to leaving for Maine with their parent, the student took a second test. It was the result from this second test that came back positive before the student reached Brunswick.

The student will remain in isolation in a private room with a private bathroom until cleared to return to their original residence hall by Bowdoin’s Health Services. We commend our student for reporting their positive test results before arriving on campus. They are setting a great example for the rest of us in modeling the best practices for protecting the health and safety of the Bowdoin and Brunswick communities.

Students in isolation are not permitted to leave their rooms. All meals will be delivered to them, and Bowdoin Health Services will monitor their symptoms and progress via telehealth. The College will also deploy a care team of professionals from the Office of the Dean of Students, Residential Life, Counseling Services, and others as necessary to ensure that isolated students receive the help and advocacy they need.

All other students arriving on campus today were assigned a specific window of time for their arrival and were required to check in at Morrell Gymnasium for testing before being allowed into their residence halls (only students were allowed to enter the residence halls). Students and the College will receive these test results late tomorrow, and the data will be published Monday morning on the College’s COVID-19 dashboard.

With the exception of limited movement for meal pick-up, personal exercise on the main campus, and any orientation programming, arriving students are required to self-quarantine in their rooms until they are cleared by two negative test results. During the first two weeks on campus, all students will be tested three times a week, and twice a week thereafter until they leave campus the week before Thanksgiving.


Mike Ranen
Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Director of Residential and Student Life, and
Bowdoin’s COVID-19 Resource Coordinator