March 6, 2020 — COVID-19 FAQ Updates

To students, faculty, and staff,

As you know, the College has posted responses to frequently asked questions (FAQ) as we prepare for the possibility that COVID-19 appears in our community. The FAQ is being updated frequently and will continue to be updated and expanded during spring break as events warrant. The following are the most recent changes:

  • Question 2: An update was provided stating that all students who were studying away in Italy have returned home, but that they will not be returning to the Bowdoin campus this semester.
  • Question 3: Information was updated to reflect the channels of communication the College will be using to provide information about COVID-19.
  • Question 7: Information was updated to announce that the College is not permitting Bowdoin-sponsored travel to states in the US that have declared COVID-19-related emergencies.
  • Question 8: A link was added for a form to be used by students, faculty, and/or staff to register any travel to or through CDC Warning Level 3 countries.
  • Question 10: More specific information about meal availability during break was provided.
  • Question 11: Information was updated about the cancellation of Bowdoin-sponsored trips during spring break.
  • Question 14: Additional details were added about the different groups working to prepare for the possibility that COVID-19 will affect our community.

From time to time, we will contact you via email to share FAQ updates, so please continue to check your email over break for the latest information and guidance on Bowdoin’s response to COVID-19.

Thank you.

Matt Orlando