Students Studying Abroad

Off-Campus Study in 2020–2021

1. What does it mean that Bowdoin does not support off-campus study?
This fall, due to health and safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bowdoin is not allowing students to participate in off-campus study away programs and therefore cannot transfer any student aid to or transfer academic credit from an off-campus study program/institution.

2. How will students be withdrawn from off-campus study?
Students do not need to complete the OCS withdrawal form. We will do a batch withdrawal for all students remaining that are slated to study away. Their status will be changed in order to facilitate course registration into Bowdoin courses. Please speak with your dean if you are considering alternate plans for the fall semester.

3. Can previously slated Fall 2020 and Academic Year 2020–2021 students defer to the spring 2021 semester?
Yes, students may choose to defer their previously approved study off-campus program to the spring 2021 semester. You must contact in order to request deferral.

4. Can students who take a leave of absence study away and earn credit?
No. Bowdoin students cannot earn credit from another institution while taking a leave of absence.

5. If I choose to study abroad in Fall 2020 without Bowdoin’s approval and the advisory levels shift while I’m onsite, will Bowdoin retroactively transfer the credit from my fall semester away?
Students who choose to study away without Bowdoin’s approval from the outset are not able to earn credit for any academic work taken during their leave of absence. Year-long students who choose to take a personal leave during their fall semester to study off campus will need to apply for readmission for the spring semester and, if their readmission is approved, credit will be transferred for the spring semester.

6. How does this decision impact international students?
International students who had approval to study away at an institution in their home country may continue with this academic plan. If this applies to you, please contact the Off-Campus Study Office and the registrar for more information. 

7. Will Bowdoin allow students to study off campus domestically?
Bowdoin is not allowing students to study away at domestic institutions, with the exception of dual-degree engineering programs.  

8. Will Bowdoin allow students to petition and study away for Fall 2020?
Bowdoin is not accepting petitions to this policy. 

9. When will an announcement be made about Bowdoin’s support for study off campus in spring 2021?
We plan an announcement by November 1.

10. If I am already approved to study abroad in Spring 2021 and choose to take a leave of absence in the fall semester, may I still study abroad in the spring after applying for readmission? 
Students would apply for readmission in the fall semester and, if approved, would be able to continue their plans for off-campus study if their program is operational and Bowdoin supports off-campus study for Spring 2021.