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1. What is the Bowdoin Residential Community Agreement?
The residential community agreement aims to lay out the essential need to focus on the common good and the standards by which we will keep our community safe so that we can continue some in-person operations during the 2020–2021 academic year. Students in residence must comply with the residential community agreement as well as any other policies governing student conduct. Please refer to Dean Lohmann's message with more information about the residential community agreement.

2. What are the Campus Status Levels (CSL) and what do they mean?
Bowdoin College has developed a system of status levels that will give guidance to movement and activity on campus. The status levels are determined by the confirmed rolling seven-day positive cases, percent of those positive cases linked to other known cases as an indicator of uncontrolled spread, usage of our dedicated isolation beds, the percentage of missed COVID-19 tests by students and employees, and evidence that the Bowdoin community is disregarding masking, distancing, and other behavioral protocols, as well as other factors in the local midcoast community, including intensive care unit and inpatient bed availability for COVID-19 patients at local hospitals. Full details about the CSL are available in the Campus Guide to Fall 2020

Health and Wellness

1. Does Bowdoin publish a summary of each week’s testing results?
Information about current and cumulative test results is available on Bowdoin's COVID-19 dashboard.

2. Do students have access to the health center in the event they fall ill, either with COVID or any other sickness or injury?
Yes, on-campus students have access to the health center and its resources this fall in the event they fall ill or have an injury.

3. Is the gym be open for student use?
We are planning to have the Buck Center and other fitness facilities open for students use after the initial testing period.

4. Are the athletic fields open for student use?
College playing fields are open for student use during the day, but access to the fields after sundown is restricted to approved athletic activities with coach supervision only.

5. How can on-campus students get their prescription medications?
Students taking regular medications should contact the Health Service and they will work with students directly to help with prescriptions including delivery of medications.

6. If Bowdoin has to close down, do students that have tested positive for COVID-19 also have to evacuate within three days (even though they would be spreading the virus while traveling)?
If this unfortunate situation were to unfold, the College will get guidance from the Maine CDC.

Student Life

1. Why are first-year students able to have cars this semester?
The College has chosen to forego its normal first-year student vehicle prohibition and permit first-year students to have cars on campus during the Fall 2020 semester specifically to facilitate a timely departures should a campus closure become necessary.

2. May first-year students use their cars to drive around campus?
First-year students are not permitted to use their cars on campus other than to unload on arrival day (Saturday, August 29) and to drive to the Farley Field House student parking lot

3. Are on-campus students allowed to visit faculty and off-campus students in Brunswick?
Students are not allowed to visit any private residences off campus this fall, including faculty and off-campus student homes.

4. If I have family in Maine am I allowed to go to visit them during the semester?
Students are not permitted to leave campus to visit family and friends in Maine (and beyond) during the semester.

5. What will happen if students violate the social contract?
We have great students and fully anticipate that everyone understands the need to comply with these measures to protect our community. If any students do violate the social contract, they will have educational conversations and/or be disciplined according to our social conduct standards.

6. Are students living on campus/in Brunswick who are doing honors projects and independent studies this fall able to reserve study carrels in the library? Or have access to another private/quiet study space outside of their rooms
Students are not able to reserve study carrels, but they do have limited use of campus facilities, including the library and other on-campus buildings. These might include buildings with classrooms, faculty offices, and others that house resources like health, counseling, and other student affairs areas. 


Are there be fridges available for student rooms this fall?
Bowdoin has provided fridges for all first-year dorm rooms. The fridges are of varying capacities and some have microwaves attached. All fridges were randomly assigned. Note that unlike the iPads, these fridges are the property of Bowdoin College and you will not be able to take your fridge with you at the end of your semester on campus. Any missing fridges will result in a charge for the cost of the fridge.


1. What meals are being served?
Moulton Union and Thorne Hall are both serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday and breakfast, brunch, and dinner on weekends.

2. What are the meal hours for the dining halls?
Meal hours at Moulton Union and Thorne Hall are:

Breakfast 7:30 a.m.–10:00 a.m.
Lunch 11:00 a.m. –2:00 p.m.
Dinner 5:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.

Breakfast 9:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m.
Brunch 11:00 a.m.–1:30 p.m.
Dinner 5:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.

3. Is SuperSnack be available?
SuperSnack will not be available in the fall. Light snacks will be available each night at dinner for takeout.

4. Where can I eat my meals?
At present all meals are available for takeout only. Some seating will be available in tents located around campus. Limited seating in the dining halls may be available once it is determined to be safe to open these areas.

5. How are meals being served?
Dining staff are serving students their choice of entrees and side dishes in single-service containers, with accompaniments, condiments, and similar items available in prepackaged containers for student self-service. To maintain sanitary guidelines, beverage holders and bags are being provided. Disposable flatware is used, and each student has been issued a personal reusable silverware kit. Reusable beverage containers and bags are not be allowed in the dining hall.

6. May I make more than one trip through the food service line at a meal?
To allow all students to access the dining halls during each meal period, only one trip through the serving line is possible. However, students are able to request more than one serving for most items when they go through the line to ensure that they are able to get enough food. Paper bags and biodegradable plastic bags are available to make it easy for students to transport their food from the dining halls.

7. What do the menus offer?
A variety of menu items are offered every day, including many of our students’ favorite recipes. To accommodate the grab-and-go service, we have made some menu adjustments and have introduced some new menu items. We will continue to offer our high-quality dining program and are committed to using excellent and local products. Menus are posted at the queuing lines and on our website, and we encourage students to preview the menus before they arrive.

8. What if I have a special diet or allergy?
Menu selections meet the requirements of common restrictions for food allergies and intolerances. Food items are labeled at the service lines with special diet terms. A selection of special dietary items are available as well. A trained chef is available at each meal to help students make safe choices. If you have a medical condition or concern that requires additional accommodations, please contact our registered dietitian, Susanne D’Angelo-Cooley, MS, RDN, LD, CDE, at sdangelo@bowdoin.edu or call (207) 725-3542 to make an appointment. Additional information is available here.

9. Are accommodations available for religious diets and special holidays?
Information about menu accommodations for religious diets and special holidays is available here.

10. What if I miss my assigned meal block? Can I come later? What if I miss a mealtime altogether? Is there another option for food?
It is very important for students to adhere to their assigned meal block if one is assigned. If students miss their scheduled meal block, they are asked to wait until the end of the meal period or when the checker determines there is a space in the queue. This semester there are no other dining options available, so if a student has an ongoing schedule conflict, they should contact Dining Director Ken Cardone at kcardone@bowdoin.edu or call (207) 725-3208.

11. Are masks be provided at the dining halls?
All students were issued two cloth face coverings when they arrived on campus, and we encourage students to have one of those with them when coming to the dining hall. However, disposable masks are available for students who forget their own.

12. What physical changes have been made to the dining halls?
Entrances, queuing space, and exits will be adjusted to address distancing guidelines. Most dining seating has been removed to enable six-foot spacing and to allow the extra space required for dining staff workspace allowances. Plexiglass barriers have been installed at strategic locations.

13. What if I forget my ID card?
We are using a contactless entry system this fall that requires students to use their ID to enter the dining halls, so we strongly encourage them to make sure they have it before heading over! Using a cardholder in a lanyard is a helpful way to remember.

14. Are the restrooms in the dining halls be open?
Yes, there are designated restrooms open to students during meal hours.

15. Is there a place to hang my coat and/or backpack?
No. Students will need to keep their coats and backpacks with them as they move through the serving area. Additionally, students will be asked not to handle personal items (phone, backpack, books, etc.) in the serving area after they have sanitized their hands upon entering.

16. Can I bring guests to the dining halls?
To allow students to get their meals as quickly as possible and to protect the health and safety of the community, access to the dining halls is limited to first-year students and other students authorized to participate in the fall 2020 dining plan.

17. What should I do about meals if I don’t feel well?
Students who are not feeling well should definitely not come to the dining hall! For details about getting meals for students who are not feeling well, please contact Health Services.

18. Do we have points to spend at Smith Union?
Smith Union retail operations are closed for the fall. Meal plans for this fall were adjusted to factor in that they will not include polar points. Full board for the fall semester includes twenty-one meals per week instead of the traditional nineteen-meal plan.

19. Are your take-out containers recyclable/compostable?
Dining service is committed to providing all compostable disposable products. There may be times, however, when some compostable products are not available and we will have to use standard-disposal products.

20. Can I use my meal plan off campus?
Bowdoin meal plans are available for use at Bowdoin dining halls only.

21. Are the dining halls open between meal periods? 

The dining halls are closed between meals so dining service staff can thoroughly sanitize and disinfect the facilities.

22. Does dining service have student jobs available?
We don’t anticipate being able to have students working with dining this fall. Our regular dining staff has been trained in the many new protocols and procedures required to maintain safe meal service during the pandemic, and it would require significant training to have students trained as well. We will miss our student employees very much, and we look forward to having them back with us as soon as possible.

23. What procedures are in place to keep the students and staff safe?
Dining employees have an essential role in protecting the health and safety of students who are on campus. We take seriously the responsibility of providing a safe and healthy meal service for students and protecting the safety of the dining staff, and we have implemented processes and procedures to promote a safe environment during this health emergency.

Mail Center

1. Is the mail center accepting items shipped to students who are on campus for the fall semester?
Yes, the mail center is accepting and storing items shipped to incoming first-year, transfer, and returning upperclass students for the fall semester.

2. How do I get my packages and mail?
Packages and mail are available from the mail center located in the Smith Union. Be sure you bring your Bowdoin ID (required).

3. How and when will I be notified that I have a package (and mail)?
Packages and mail start arriving shortly after 10:00 a.m. each day and must be logged into our tracking system. Email notices indicating you have something to pick up are usually sent out by 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please be patient while the mail center handles the packages and mail for all students.


1. Are there be on-campus student jobs available for the fall?
Students should not expect to be able to work on campus for the fall semester. The fall semester work expectation has been replaced with a Bowdoin grant for all aided students. For more information about student employment, visit the student employee FAQs.

2. Are students be permitted to work off campus this fall?
No, students are not permitted to work off campus this fall.

3. Will there be a family weekend this fall?
While we are not able to host an in-person family weekend this fall, we will be holding some virtual family weekend events. We will be sharing details about family weekend later in the semester.

4. How are the 140 seniors who were approved to live off campus being treated? And, are there differences in the ways that those students are being treated versus students living off campus who were not formally approved to live off campus?
The 140 seniors who were approved to live off campus last spring have access to free, weekly COVID-19 testing and may have the opportunity to engage in some aspects of on-campus life. Students who were not approved to live off campus are not able to access the free testing or participate in any aspects of on-campus life this semester.