Domestic and International Travel Guidelines

Domestic Travel On College Business

Domestic travel is currently allowed without College restrictions. Travelers should use good judgment regarding their personal health when leaving campus and should be self-monitoring for any potential COVID-19 symptoms during their travel.

If while traveling an employee develops COVID-like symptoms, they should test for COVID-19. Tests are widely available and employees covered by Bowdoin’s health insurance can seek reimbursement for tests purchased by calling Cigna and requesting an over-the-counter test claim form. If the employee is covered by another insurer the employee would seek reimbursement from that insurer. COVID-19 lab test and over-the-counter test kit fees are not reimbursable College business expenses.

If the employee tests positive for COVID-19, that employee should notify their supervisor immediately and should isolate for five days from symptom onset (note: day zero (0) is the first day of symptoms or a positive test, whichever comes first). Faculty and staff may leave isolation and return to campus after day five (5) if they are fever-free for at least twenty-four (24) hours and if their other symptoms are resolving.

During this isolation period the College will reimburse the employee for incurred lodging expenses, meals, airline flight and related ticket change fees, rental car extensions, and other allowed expenses as outlined in the College’s travel policy. Unreimbursable expenses include extension of pet care services, extension of house-sitting charges, and other unreimbursable expenses as outlined in the College’s travel policy.

All allowable expenses should be charged to the same project where the original travel was funded or if funds are not available in that project to another valid project available to the traveler.

International Travel On College Business

International travel is restricted for travel to countries with a State Department Level 4 travel advisory due to issues other than COVID-19. All international travelers must register their international trip with the College before departure.

In addition to the guidelines for domestic travel, the guidelines below apply to international travelers.

  • Employees must notify Mary Cote in Human Resources ( if they contract COVID-19 while traveling abroad and let her know the date when symptoms first occurred.
  • If the employee needs medical assistance while traveling in another country and the employee has Bowdoin health insurance, the employee should refer to Human Resource’s website to review Cigna’s brochure about emergency services while traveling outside of the United States. If the employee does not have the College's Cigna insurance they should contact their primary insurance for advice on how to access care in a foreign country.
  • In cases where an employee traveling on international College business becomes ill in a foreign country the College does have travel insurance that covers medical evacuation. Medical evacuation services are available when local care is unavailable or inadequate as determined by the insurer. If you need travel insurance assistance while traveling contact Bowdoin College security and explain the situation to request assistance. Medical evacuation services for spouses and others traveling with you are generally not available under this plan unless that person has an official College role on the trip.