Current Campus Guidelines/Restrictions

The following campus guidelines/restrictions are currently in place at the College. They will be reviewed on Friday, January 28, after two full rounds of PCR testing and may be modified/loosened depending on test results.

A full explanation of current guidelines was sent to students, faculty, staff, and parents on Monday, January 10, and is available here [LINK] online.


  • Classes will be held online January 24-28 and in person beginning Monday, January 31.


  • Admissions tours resume on Monday, January 31.
  • Admissions visitors must wear masks at all times (surgical or KN95 equivalent) and provide verification of their vaccination status. 


  • NESCAC institutions are limiting spectators to students, faculty, and staff participating in host institution testing programs through the month of January, at least.
  • Members of the Bowdoin community are not permitted to attend home contests during arrival week (January 22–31). This restriction will be reevaluated after the results are in for the first two rounds of PCR testing.
  • Once the restriction above is lifted, Bowdoin students, faculty, and staff participating in the Bowdoin COVID testing program will be permitted to attend home contests but must be masked at all times.
    • Students, faculty, and staff will need to display their Bowdoin ID in order to enter home events.
    • Bowdoin spectators are not permitted at away contests hosted by NESCAC institutions. Spectators are permitted at outdoor contests. 


  • Dining to-go only.
  • Dining halls closed to faculty and staff.
  • Jack Magee’s remains closed.
  • No food served at any College event.


  • Library online until Monday, January 31.
  • Museums are closed until Tuesday, February 1.
  • Buck Fitness Center open to students, faculty, and staff ONLY (properly worn masks are required at all times).
  • Smith Union Mail Center, C-Store and The Bowdoin Store are open to students, faculty, and staff only.


  • Masks required inside at all times except in a private residence or a private office (only surgical, KN95, or equivalent [N95, KF-94] masks are acceptable).


  • Meetings and appointments, including one-on-one meetings, may go forward with masking and proper distancing.


  • Student access to only to your own residence hall, dining halls, Smith Union, Buck Fitness Center through Monday, January 31.  
  • Stay on campus to the extent possible.
  • No social gatherings or events, including parties, for students.
  • No visitors in residence halls.


  • Limited visitors with prior approval needed when conducting official college business, provided they meet the vaccination requirement and follow other guidelines in place.


  • With the exception of dining halls, campus buildings and rooms are at normal occupancy. Faculty and staff should exercise caution and not congregate while eating meals in break rooms and kitchen areas.