Student Finances

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All of us at the College are very mindful that a Bowdoin education is expensive and that, for all of our families, it is a significant sacrifice. Central to the decision to keep the comprehensive fee and tuition at 2019–2020 levels is that the essence of what we do is to provide our students with an outstanding liberal arts education delivered by outstanding faculty who develop personal connections with our students. While the experience will certainly be different, the essence of what we do will not change. In addition, we have 100 percent of employees working, and they are each dedicated to ensuring that we deliver an excellent “Bowdoin” education to our students. Beyond this central reason, our costs will be going up this year, as we invest in this education and create the conditions necessary for health and safety on our campus.

Refund Policy for Students Switching to Remote

Students who are approved to leave during the semester to pursue full remote learning will receive prorated refunds of room, board, and student activities fees based on the number of days they will not be on campus for the balance of the semester. Those who are on financial aid will have their awards adjusted to reflect the changes in fees charged, if applicable.

Tuition and Fee Refunds for Term-Time Leaves of Absence

Tuition and fee refunds for leaves taken during the course of a semester are made in accordance with the College’s refunds policy. For more information, consult the refunds section of the Bowdoin College Academic Handbook.

Student Employment for Fall 2020

Unfortunately, on-campus and remote job opportunities for students will be extraordinarily limited this fall. In light of this, the fall semester work expectation has been replaced with a Bowdoin grant for all aided students.