Dining, Academic, and Social Spaces

Revised 8/21/20
Close-up of library shelves


There will be three meals available daily with a variety of menu options. Both Thorne Hall and Moulton Union will be open for students, and they will offer the same menu selections. Dining employees have an essential role in protecting the health and safety of students who are on campus and will follow Maine CDC guidelines in doing so. Dining staff have implemented processes and procedures to promote a safe environment during this health emergency. Dining halls will not be open to faculty and staff for the semester.

During the initial testing period, all meals will be available for takeout only. Under the governor’s executive orders signed on August 1, 2020, indoor dining in the State of Maine is limited to fifty people per room. Unless the order is changed, students can expect to eat most meals outside or in their residence hall. Eating is allowed in residence hall common areas when masks are not required (see page 17 for more details). Please remember that all trash must be taken outside to a dumpster.

Students who have a medical condition or concern that requires additional accommodations should contact Registered Dietitian Susanne D’Angelo-Cooley, MS, RDN, LD, CDE at sdangelo@bowdoin.edu or call (207) 725-3542 to make an appointment.

SuperSnack will not take place in the fall semester, but light snacks will be available each night at dinner for takeout. Magee’s Grill and Pub, The Café, and the Bowdoin Express Convenience Store will all be closed initially and reevaluated for potential opening later in the semester, subject to staffing availability and campus status level.

Academic and Study Spaces

Students on campus will have limited use of facilities, including the Library and other on-campus buildings. These might include buildings with classrooms, faculty offices, and other study spaces for appropriate student use.