Academic Continuity and Resources

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Academic Courses

In order to provide the best learning experience possible, classes will continue to be offered primarily online, but faculty will have the opportunity to offer some in-person classes and classes with in-person components. In-person courses will only be available to on-campus and in-residence students.  More details about courses are as follows:

  • Online: The instructor intends to teach this course online in Spring 2021.  
  • Online with In-Person Components: The instructor intends to deliver this course online, and provide in-person experiences (such as discussion groups) for students on campus, and equivalent experiences for students taking this course online. Additional details about in-person components of particular classes can be found (when available) in the “comments” section of Class Finder. 
  • In-Person: The instructor intends to teach this course in-person and therefore it will only be available to students with permission to be on campus.  

Through the spring and fall semesters of 2020, a number of temporary policies have been in place. The following have been extended:


  1. Normally, Credit/D/Fail is an option that students may choose by the sixth week of the semester, for one course in a full load of four, and for up to four courses total. This fall we had Emergency Credit/D/Fail, allowing students to choose up to two courses in this grade mode, and the window to choose this is longer. This same policy will be in place this spring. Dates can be found on the registrar’s calendar.
  2. Students may choose one course Credit/D/F with a full load of four credits, and this will not count against their career total of four; this option will be open 2/8/2021 to 5/3/2021.
  3. As is standard policy, students may not choose the Credit/D/Fail mode for first-year writing seminars, distribution and division requirements, and in most cases, major and minor requirements, though there are temporary adjustments in place for some major/minor requirements.
  4. From week seven to eleven (3/31/2021 to 5/3/2021), all students carrying four credits or more who have already chosen to take one course Credit/D/Fail will be able to choose to take a second course Credit/D/Fail, and it will not count against the student's career total of four Credit/D/Fail courses. Students will initiate this request via a form that must be approved by the instructor of the course, the student’s advisor, and the student’s dean. 
  5. Some departments have decided to allow some courses to be taken credit/d/fail and count toward the major or minor; a list of these courses is available on the Registrar’s Office website

Limits on a Fifth Full Course

Students will be allowed to add a fifth full credit, but only during Add/Drop II in the spring semester and only with advisor permission. This has been extended to reinforce the findings that taking four online courses is already a heavy load.  

AP/IB score submission

Normally students must have all AP/IB scores submitted to the College by the end of their sophomore year. Last spring CEP temporarily lifted this deadline to accommodate students. This policy has been extended through the spring 2021 semester. 

Community College credit for transfer

Last spring CEP also temporarily authorized the use of community college credit, as long as the normal transfer credit process was followed. This has been extended so that students can take courses at community colleges for transfer credit through next summer. Courses that take place after next summer may not be from community colleges.

Library, Technology, and Other Resources

When the campus status is orange or red, librarians will be available for virtual information as well as pick-up and drop-off of materials. While the campus status is yellow, the libraries will be available for use, though resources may be limited.

How to Request Academic Accommodations

Please reach out to the Office of the Dean of Students (207) 725-3149 or the Office of Student Accessibility (207) 798-4187 with questions about temporary or long-term academic accommodations.


Student access to printing will generally be at Hawthorne-Longfellow Library and Smith Union when appropriate access is granted based on the campus status level.