News and Updates from Counseling Services

As Bowdoin shifts to remote learning for the remainder of the Winter/Spring 2020 semester due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19, Counseling Services (CS) is responding to these changes by updating our services. We will be posting information for the Bowdoin community on this page as we develop our responses and additional resources for students, staff, and faculty. Please check back to this page for more information about how our services and availability may change in response to the situation.

Updates for Students

Counseling Services

Licensing laws for mental health providers in the US allow treatment to be delivered only within the state in which a clinician is licensed. However, these laws may be changing imminently in light of the pandemic. For this reason, the CS staff will be offering students remote clinical consultation via telephone and video conferencing. The purpose of this support is to assess needs, acknowledge realities, explore strategies for stabilization, and make referrals as needed. All current students who were working with a counselor will be contacted to identify needs and address concerns. Any Bowdoin student who wants to speak with a counselor to set up ongoing counseling in their home area is also welcome to reach out for help and consultation by calling (207) 725-3145 to schedule a teletherapy meeting.

Psychiatry and Medication

Psychiatric providers from CS will be available to assist with prescriptions and a plan for continuance of medication while away from the College. Please do not hesitate to contact your psychiatric provider directly if you have any questions or reach out to Lindsay Jacobs, our office coordinator for support ( or 207-725-3145). CS will not be accepting any new patients for evaluations or prescribing of medications at this time.

Mental Health Crisis

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact the CS during business hours. If you are in need of emergency support in the evenings and over the weekend, please contact our 24-hour on-call Crisis Counseling Service at 207-725-3145, then press 1. The Crisis Counseling Service is also available during the day if you do not immediately reach a staff member at the Counseling Center. Please call 9-1-1 or go directly to a hospital emergency room if you need immediate medical or mental health treatment.