Letter to Housekeepers (11/22/19)

November 22, 2019

To: Bowdoin Housekeeping Staff

We understand that there are some who are talking about unionizing the housekeeping staff here at Bowdoin. Several of you have come to us to express your concerns about being pressured to sign “cards” on behalf of the union.

No one should be made to feel they need to sign a union card against their will just to stop being pressured or harassed. If you do not want to sign the card, and you find yourself being pressured, remember you have every right just to say no.

We all need to respect that people have different views about this and no one should be given a hard time when they support the idea of a union or when they oppose the idea of having a union here at Bowdoin. Bowdoin is about honoring that people have different perspectives and points of view and not punishing them for that.

Before deciding whether to sign a union card, we encourage you to read it carefully and to make sure you understand what it actually says. You might be told it means simply that you want more information about the union or that by signing it you are just indicating that you want there to be an election. However, the card may state that by signing it you authorize the union to represent you for the purposes of collective bargaining and it may make no mention of having an election or getting more information.

Bowdoin does not have a problem with unions and we respect the right of employees to unionize if that is what they want to do. We want to make sure employees understand the pros and cons of having a union and that employees have all the facts—before they make an important decision.

We are happy to answer questions or to explain our perspective further. We encourage you to take time to learn the facts. Please be respectful of each other and of everyone’s right to support or not support the union as they see fit.


Matt Orlando
Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration & Treasurer