Cinema Studies Minor

The cinema studies minor consists of five courses.

Required Courses
CINE 1101Film Narrative1
Select one of the following:1
CINE 2201
History of Film 1895 to 1935
CINE 2202
Film History 1935 to 1975
Select one 3000-level seminar that must be taken at Bowdoin.1
Select one cinema studies course that incorporates theory.1
Select one cinema studies course in non-US cinema.1

Additional Information and Program Policies

  • Students minoring in cinema studies are required to complete a total of five courses with a grade of C- or better. Courses taken Credit/D/Fail do not count toward the minor.
  • Students may count one class for more than one requirement, such as a 3000-level course with a theory component. Students may also take both CINE 2201 History of Film 1895 to 1935 and CINE 2202 Film History 1935 to 1975 for credit toward the minor. All students successfully completing the minor will still complete five classes.
  • No more than two courses below the 2000 level, including first-year writing seminars, count toward the minor.
  • No more than one independent study, at the intermediate or advanced level, may count toward the minor.
  • Normally, one course taken at another college or university may be applied to the minor at the introductory or 2000 level upon approval by the program director and faculty.
  • Minors may double-count one course with another department or program.

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