Published April 12, 2021 by Bowdoin

Professor Krista Van Vleet Discusses Her New Book, "Hierarchies of Care"

Professor of Anthropology Krista Van Vleet gave a virtual talk recently on her latest book, Hierarchies of Care: Girls, Motherhood, and Inequality in Peru, about teenage mothers living under the care of an NGO in Cusco, Peru.

In her talk, Van Vleet described how she arrived at her research project, and then how she went about getting to know the young women and girls living at a unique orphanage called Palomitáy.

"She conducted these observations on site by peeling potatoes with the young women and even taking care of a group of preschoolers when the teacher had an emergency surgery," The Bowdoin Orient reporter Juliana Vandermark ’24 writes.

Van Vleet also used an anthropological method in which she equipped the girls with cameras to document their own lives. 

The talk was modered by Assistant Professor of Anthropology Willi Lempert.