Extracurricular Activity Awards

Lydia Bell Award for Initiative in Public Service: The Lydia Bell Award for Initiative in Public Service is presented annually to a Bowdoin senior who exhibits the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment necessary to initiate and lead opportunities for others to effect change, influencing the Bowdoin culture in the process. (2004)

James Bowdoin Cup: This cup, given by the Alpha Rho Upsilon Fraternity, is awarded annually to the student who in the previous college year has won a varsity letter in active competition and has made the highest scholastic average among the students receiving varsity letters. In case two or more students should have equal records, the award shall go to the one having the best scholastic record during his or her college course. The name of the recipient is to be engraved on the cup. (1947)

Bowdoin Orient Prize: Cash prizes are offered by the Bowdoin Publishing Company and are awarded each semester to those members of the Bowdoin Orient staff who have made significant contributions to the Orient in the preceding volume. (1948)

Bowdoin Spirit of Service Award: Presented annually to a Bowdoin senior who improves the lives of others through service and actions that speak strongly while they remain humbly quiet. (2005)

General R. H. Dunlap Prize: The annual income of a fund established by Katharine Wood Dunlap in memory of her husband, Brig. Gen. Robert H. Dunlap, USMC, is awarded to the student who writes the best essay on the subject of "service," in addition to demonstrating personal evidence of service. (1970)

Henni and Harry Friedlander Student Prize: Presented to a Bowdoin undergraduate who has overcome adversity in his or her own life and gone on to contribute to the common good. The prize was established in honor of Henni Friedlander who survived Nazi Germany to immigrate to the United States, where she was an inspiring example of how joy of life, rather than hatred and bitterness, can lift the human spirit and enable us as a society to promote the common good. (2007)

Andrew Allison Haldane Cup: This cup, given by fellow officers in the Pacific in memory of Capt. Andrew Allison Haldane, USMCR, '41, is awarded to a member of the senior class who has outstanding qualities of leadership and character. (1945)

Masque and Gown: Prizes may be awarded annually for excellence in various Masque and Gown activities, including playwriting, directing, and acting. (1934)

Michael Francis Micciche III Award: This award is given annually to that individual who embodies the entire Bowdoin experience; who engages the College community, achieves academic excellence, and earns the respect of his or her peers and professors. This individual must plan on broadening his or her education following graduation, either through enrollment at a graduate school or through a structured travel or volunteer program. (2001)

One-Act Play Prizes: A figurine, "The Prologue," carved by Gregory Wiggin, is engraved with t he name of the author of the prize-winning play in the One-Act Play contest. (1937)

The President's Award: This award, inaugurated in 1997 by President Robert H. Edwards, recognizes a student's exceptional personal achievements and uncommon contributions to the College. The student's actions demonstrate particular courage, imagination, and generosity of spirit; and they benefit the atmosphere, program, or general effectiveness of the College. (1997)

George H. Quinby Award: Established in honor of "Pat" Quinby, for thirty-one years director of dramatics at Bowdoin College, by his former students and friends in Masque and Gown, this award is presented annually to one or more first-year members of Masque and Gown who make an outstanding contribution through interest and participation in Masque and Gown productions. The recipients are selected by the president and artistic director of Masque and Gown. (1967)

Rookie of the Year Award: This award recognizes a student employee who has recently joined a department by starting a new job and shown exemplary work ethic, dedication, and enthusiasm in the position.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Cup: This cup, furnished by the Bowdoin chapter of Alpha Delta Phi Society, is inscribed annually with the name of that member of the three lower classes whose vision, humanity, and courage most contribute to making Bowdoin a better college. (1945)

Student Employee of the Year Award: This annual award recognizes an outstanding student employee who has made a positive impact on the College and has demonstrated exceptional reliability, quality of work, initiative, and professionalism. (1994)

Paul Andrew Walker Prize Fund: This fund was established in honor and memory of Paul Andrew Walker '31 by his wife, Nathalie L. Walker. Forty percent of the income of the fund is used to honor a member or members of the Bowdoin Orient staff whose ability and hard work are deemed worthy by the Award Committee chosen by the dean of student affairs. A bronze medal or an appropriate book, with a bookplate designed to honor Paul Andrew Walker, is presented to each recipient. (1982)