Institutional Learning Goals for Students

April 2023

I. To share in the wonder of discovery and creativity through an inclusive liberal arts education

II. To discover the natural beauty and to appreciate the environmental and social complexities of the Maine coast through the distinct opportunities provided by a residential college committed to a just and sustainable world

III. To experience learning as an endeavor rooted in community, courage, and perseverance

IV. To develop and demonstrate deep proficiency in a field of knowledge through the completion of a major

V. To achieve fluency in both quantitative and qualitative reasoning and in creative interpretation

VI. To grow and learn through encounters with diverse human needs, beliefs, ideas, and experiences

VII. To become critical and imaginative learners who reflect and communicate with clarity, self-confidence, and empathy

VIII. To engage with competing views critically and compassionately in order to deal with uncertainty, make ethical judgments, and lead in a changing world

IX. To apply the knowledge, skills, and creative dispositions acquired through an inclusive liberal arts education to life beyond Bowdoin

X. To graduate from Bowdoin as informed global citizens prepared for a lifetime of curiosity, learning, and dedication to the common good