Academics and Campus Resources

What do Deans do??

Deans are resources for you if you have any questions about your academics or extracurriculars at Bowdoin. If you are ever unsure of whom to go to with a specific concern, the Dean's Office is a great place to stop by to ask. You can make an appointment with your dean by calling 207-725-3149, by clicking here, or by dropping by the second floor of Moulton Union. In addition to serving as the primary advocates for individual students, the dean staff also orchestrates a number of specific programs, systems and services, including the following:

•Pre-major Academic advising
•Accommodations for students with disabilities
•Community standards and the Judicial Board process
•Crisis intervention and response
•Emergency student loans
•International student advising
•Multicultural student support
•Orientation, First-Year Programming, and the Sophomore Series
•Transfer and exchange student advising