At Bowdoin, study abroad is not simply traveling to a different country; it is an integrated component of a rigorous liberal arts education. Academic preparation for study abroad begins before students embark on their journeys -- with relevant coursework completed prior to participation--and continues to shape and contribute to their academic studies upon return and beyond through independent research, honors projects and postgraduate professional and scholarship opportunities. Whether deepening their knowledge in a particular field of study from a new perspective, navigating an urban subway map in a different language, or learning how to interpret the subtleties of a communal meal, studying abroad helps students to expand their concepts of self and world. Bowdoin students find that their immersion in and adjustment to a culture distinct from their own serves as a springboard for academic curiosity and as a foundation for continued interest in international affairs, and can positively impact their commitment to serving the common good.  

Where can you study abroad?

Margaret Williams

“Though it was hard to see myself growing while I was there, I now look back on it as a transformative experience. It was so interesting to, for the first time, identify myself as an American in a foreign place, and to understand the world's view of America. I loved learning about Africa, and studying there helped me gain an appreciation for a culture that I previously knew very little about.” Margaret Williams, University of Cape Town, South Africa, Fall 2010