International Careers

The following are resources that will be useful to you in your search for an international job opportunity.

US Foreign Service: This is a good place to begin your search.

Working Abroad/InterExchange:  InterExchange is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting cross-cultural awareness through work and volunteer exchange programs. For more than 40 years, InterExchange has been connecting young people from all over the world with life-changing international cultural exchange opportunities. In turn, they provide a unique answer for businesses, organizations, summer camps, and families in need of staff, interns, volunteers, camp counselors and au pairs.

Overseas offers enriching and rewarding employment opportunities across the globe for experienced professionals, contractors and expatriates looking to expand their horizons through work abroad and an international career.

CIA World Fact Book: The CIA World Fact book will provide you with the general information you need to know about the place(s) you visit. 

Going Global Career Guides:Going Global Career Guides is the leading provider of career and employment resources for evaluating, selecting and transitioning into a successful career in a foreign country. Boasting more than two million individual users, Going Global is used around the world by university career centers, educational and institutional organizations, libraries, corporate HR departments, and government agencies.This contains more than 80,000 resources for finding international employment at home and abroad, including daily update job postings, industry-specific information, work permit and visa regulations and cultural advice. 

iHipo: iHipo lists a number of job opportunities around the world. iHipo stands for international High Potential network. iHipo is a social network that connects students and young professionals with international employers. It serves as a platform for peer-to-peer communication and recruiting.

There are a number of international jobs in the health care field as well. If you're looking to make an impact on global health care, or raise awareness about a social cause, going abroad can offer you an experience like no other. The following websites will be of use to you.

Partners in Health: This organization aims to provide medical care globally to those who are unable to afford treatment. 

Development Executive: also known as "Devex," assists the thousands of professionals, businesses, and non-profit corporations who work everyday to make sustainable development a reality but who face the roadblocks of working in this highly fragmented and regulated industry. 

Travel Tree: Seeks to give career advice and internships to those who want to work in humanitarian relief and volunteer jobs.

Worldpress: Wordpress is a good resource if you have ever considered a career in health care of social advocacy. 

Healthcare Volunteers: Healthcare volunteer's mission is to empower any individual to make an impact in community and global health. They connect volunteers to health-related volunteering opportunities for free—anywhere, any time, and for any length of time. They aim to become the de-facto non-profit organization and website for health-related volunteers and workers anywhere in the world.

Crosscultural Solutions:Cross-Cultural Solutions is a recognized leader in the field of international volunteering, and is committed to educating people about this important work. Each year, thousands of people volunteer abroad with CCS, making a difference overseas and touching lives across the world.

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing: Visit this site for a comprehensive listing of online resources in the international health care field.

If you are more interested in government involvement with global development and relief efforts the United States Department of State offers information about careers and internships where you can work as a United States representative.

Other details that you must consider are:

work permits

health insurance