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Research and Curriculum

Bowdoin's academic program challenges students to stretch their understanding of today's most pressing issues, to try new experiences, and begin their lives as global citizens. The interdisciplinary focus of the curriculum often connects disciplines and ideas in surprising ways, and includes more than 70 designated International Perspectives courses. Bowdoin faculty members are internationally recognized scholars and artists who publish and contribute at the top of their fields, present at conferences, and collaborate with peers at leading research institutions around the world. They actively include undergraduates in their work, include them in professional conferences, and mentor students' research, field work and internships. 

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International Faculty

Bowdoin's faculty draws from 20 different countries around the world - Bosnia,  Brazil, Canada,  China, Colombia,  Ecuador, France, Germany,  Guyana,  India, Ireland, Italy,  Japan,  Martinique,  Nigeria, Norway, Peru, South Africa, Spain, and the  UK.


International Perspectives

International PerspectivesBowdoin students in all disciplines encounter a rich complement of courses that connect diverse cultures, political processes, languages and arts. Additionally, students take at least one International Perspectives course as part of their Distribution Requirements. These courses are specifically designed to help them learn to navigate in a variety of cultural contexts and to explore the trends and processes that shape an interconnected world. Bowdoin offers more than 35 interdisciplinary IP courses each semester.

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More than 60 percent of Bowdoin students do advanced original scholarship and research by completing independent and honors research. Many projects are born of interests developed when studying abroad, doing global community service, or as extended faculty-mentored research.

Student Profile

Mariya Ilyas ’13Mariya Ilyas ’13, has been awarded funding from the Kathryn Wasserman Davis 100 Projects for Peace program for her project to start a high school newspaper at Al-Imtiaz Academy, a secondary school for working-class families in Abbottabad, a city in her native Pakistan.
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