International Students

The international student community has a vibrant and important place in the Bowdoin experience. Currently, students from more than 30 countries bring distinctive perspectives to the academic program and enrich the residential and campus experience for all.  International students looking to immerse themselves in an American experience will find in Bowdoin an intimate, safe community, with a rigorous academic program that is among the finest liberal-arts educations in the world. There are many opportunities to interact directly with professors in classrooms, laboratories, and across campus. Bowdoin's Host Family Program helps to ease the transition to American culture and life, and priority is given to international students and teaching fellows. While students don't live with host families, they enjoy social get-togethers, outings, meals, phone calls and companionship.

Changwoon Baek '11
Chanwoong Baek ‘12
Faith Biegon '14
Marta Misiulaityte '14
Marta Misiulaityte '14

International Students

Bowdoin has several initiatives to further diversify the student population and increase the opportunity for interactions among U.S and international students.

  • Bowdoin hosts several International Teaching Fellows in the French, German and Spanish departments who share their foreign language expertise with Bowdoin students and engage in campus life.
  • Each summer, Bowdoin hosts a group of South African Scholars at Bowdoin through the Mellon Mays Grant.
  • Beginning in Fall 2011, Bowdoin will begin a collaboration with the Harpswell Foundation to host two Cambodian students for a year of post-graduate study.