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Bowdoin Seniors Win Fulbright Teaching, Language Study, and Reasearch Grants

Story posted July 24, 2013

Fulbright recipients Samantha Burns '13, Daniel Ertis '13, Uchechi Esonu '13, RaiNesha Miller '13, and Erin St. Peter '13 will travel to far-off places around the world to teach English.

Meanwhile, Adam Rasgon '13 will study Arabic in Egypt. Elena Crosley '13 was also awarded a three-year Fulbright Canada Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Award, valued at $120,000. This Fulbright STEM is given to a select group of U.S. students to pursue their Ph.D. at one of Canada’s six leading research universities. (Read More)

As well, three other Bowdoin seniors, Kacey Berry '13, Jacob Blum '13, and Emma Cutler '13, received Fulbright grants to do research in foreign countries. (Read More)