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Louisa Slowiaczek

Professor of Psychology
Chair of Psychology Department

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Kanbar Hall - 217

Teaching this semester

PSYC 2510. Research Design in Psychology

Louisa Slowiaczek
A systematic study of the scientific method as it underlies psychological research. Topics include prominent methods used in studying human and animal behavior, the logic of causal analysis, experimental and non-experimental designs, issues in internal and external validity, pragmatics of careful research, and technical writing of research reports.

PSYC 2740. Laboratory in Cognition

Louisa Slowiaczek
An analysis of research methodology and experimental investigations in cognition, including such topics as auditory and sensory memory, visual perception, attention and automaticity, retrieval from working memory, implicit and explicit memory, metamemory, concept formation and reasoning. Weekly laboratory sessions allow students to collect and analyze data in a number of different areas of cognitive psychology.


  • B.S. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Ph.D. Indiana University, Bloomington

Research Interests

Professor Slowiaczek specializes in cognitive psychology with an emphasis on language processing. She teaches cognitive psychology, psychology of language and experimental psychology. Her research interests include the influence of linguistic information on the organization of memory and the processing of spoken words.

Arciuli, J., & Slowiaczek, L.M. (2007). The where and when of linguistic word-level prosody. Neuropsychologia, in press.

Slowiaczek, L.M.. Soltano, E.G., & Bernstein, H. (2006). Lexical and metrical stress in word recognition: Lexical or pre-lexical influences? Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 35, 491-512.
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Slowiaczek, L.M., Soltano, E.G., Wieting, S.J., Bishop, K.L. (2003). an investigation of phonology and orthography in spoken word recognition. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 56, 233-262.
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Slowiaczek, L.M. (2000). Hesitations and clarifications on a model to abandon feedback. Brain and Behavioral Sciences, 23 (3): 347-347.

Slowiaczek, L.M., McQueen, J.M., Soltano, E.G., & Lynch, M. (2000). Phonological representations in prelexical speech processing: Evidence from form-based priming. Journal of Memory and Language, 43, 530-560.

Hamburger, M.B. & Slowiaczek, L.M. (1998). Repetition priming and experimental context effects. American Journal of Psychology, 111, 1-31.
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Hamburger, M.B. & Slowiaczek, L.M. (1996). Phonological priming reflects lexical competition in auditory word recognition. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 3, 520-525.