Jennifer Taback

Professor of Mathematics

Jennifer Taback

Contact Information

Searles Science Building - 204

Teaching this semester

MATH 2020. Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning

An introduction to logical deductive reasoning and mathematical proof through diverse topics in higher mathematics. Specific topics include set and function theory, modular arithmetic, proof by induction, and the cardinality of infinite sets. May also consider additional topics such as graph theory, number theory, and finite state automata.

MATH 2603. Introduction to Analysis

Building on the theoretical underpinnings of calculus, develops the rudiments of mathematical analysis. Concepts such as limits and convergence from calculus are made rigorous and extended to other contexts, such as spaces of functions. Specific topics include metric spaces, point-set topology, sequences and series, continuity, differentiability, the theory of Riemann integration, and functional approximation and convergence.


  • Ph.D., University of Chicago (1998)
  • MA, University of Chicago (1994)
  • BA, Yale University (1993)

Field of Specialization

  • Geometric and combinatorial group theory

I am a member-at-large of the Council of the American Mathematical Society and a member of its Executive Committee.


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American Mathematical Society Eastern Sectional Meeting at Bowdoin College

On September 24-25, 2016, Bowdoin College will host the American Mathematical Society Eastern Sectional Meeting.  


  • Plenary lectures given by Moon Duchin (Tufts), Thomas Lam (Michigan) and Tim Austin (NYU).
  • Community Mathematics Lecture on Saturday, Sept. 24 at 8:00pm.  Speaker TBA.
  • Lobster dinner! (Must register in advance on the Bowdoin web page, link below.)

Click here for the AMS conference web page.

Click here for the Bowdoin College conference web page with information about dining, Brunswick, ME, and weekend activities.


During the Spring 2016 semester I am teaching two sections of Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning.

  • Section A: Tuesday/Thursday 10:00-11:30am
  • Section B: Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-2:30pm