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Theater and Dance

Gwyneth Jones

Senior Lecturer in Dance Performance

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Theater And Dance

Edwards Center for Art & Dance - 219

Teaching this semester

DANC 1211. Modern I: Technique

Classes in modern dance technique include basic exercises to develop dance skills such as balance and musicality. More challenging movement combinations and longer dance sequences build on these exercises. While focusing on the craft of dancing, students develop an appreciation of their own styles and an understanding of the role of craft in the creative process. During the semester, a historical overview of twentieth-century American dance on video is presented. Attendance at all classes is required. May be repeated for credit. Grading is Credit/D/Fail. One-half credit.

DANC 1212. Modern I: Repertory and Performance

Repertory students are required to take Dance 1211 concurrently. Repertory classes provide the chance to learn faculty-choreographed works or reconstructions of historical dances. Class meetings are conducted as rehearsals for performances at the end of the semester: the December Studio Show, the annual Spring Performance in Pickard Theater, or Museum Pieces at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art in May. Additional rehearsals are scheduled before performances. Attendance at all classes and rehearsals is required. May be repeated for credit. Grading is Credit/D/Fail. One-half credit.


Gwyneth Jones performs with Portland, Maine based modern dance company Berg, Jones & Sarvis. She was a member of NYC's Dan Wagoner and Dancers for five years, worked as a guest artist at London Contemporary Dance Theatre, and performed with Ram Island Dance Company. In 1996 she was awarded a Maine Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship. She has taught modern dance technique and repertory at Bowdoin College since 1988.