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Davida A. Gavioli

Senior Lecturer in Italian

Contact Information

Romance Languages And Literatures

Riley House - 101

Teaching this semester

ITAL 1101. Elementary Italian I, A

Three class hours per week, plus weekly drill sessions and language laboratory assignments. Study of the basic forms, structures, and vocabulary. Emphasis is on listening comprehension and spoken Italian.

ITAL 2203. Intermediate Italian I, A

Three class hours per week and one weekly conversation session with assistant. Aims to increase fluency in both spoken and written Italian. Grammar fundamentals are reviewed. Class conversation and written assignments are based on contemporary texts of literary and social interest.

Davida Gavioli


Ph. D. in Italian and Comparative Literature, The Pennsylvania State University
Laurea in Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bergamo (Italy)

Italian Language
Twentieth-century Italian Literature and Film
Contemporary Literary Theory
Italian, American, and Francophone Women Writers
Gender Theory and Feminist Literary Criticism

Contemporary Italian Women Novelists
The Literature of Migration
Motherhood in cross-cultural perspective
Relationship between Italian, American, and French feminist thought
Minority American Women Writers
North African Women Writers
Foreign Language Teaching and Technology

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