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David Carlon

Associate Professor of Biology, Director of the Bowdoin College Coastal Studies Center

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Druckenmiller Hall - 232

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BIOL 2232 / ENVS 2232. Benthic Ecology

David Carlon
The principles of ecology emphasizing the hard- and soft-bottom communities of Casco Bay and Harpswell Sound. Field trips and field exercises demonstrate the quantitative principles of marine ecological research, including good practices in sampling designs and field experiments. A class field project designs and implements a long-term study, based at the Bowdoin Marine Laboratory, to monitor and detect changes in community structure driven by climate change in the twenty-first century. Assumes a basic knowledge of biological statistics. Taught in residence at the Bowdoin Marine Laboratory, Biology 2232/Environmental Studies 2232 is a course-module in the Bowdoin Marine Science Semester. Biology 2501 (same as Environmental Studies 2231), Biology 2330 (same as Environmental Studies 2233), and English 2802 (same as Environmental Studies 2802) are co-requisites of this course.

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  • B.A. Boston University
  • M.S. University of Massachusetts-Boston
  • Ph.D. University of New Hampshire

I am an an evolutionary biologist primarily interested in micro-evolution. I have an inordinate fondness for marine organisms, but have dabbled in some intriguing terrestrial systems, including the Hawaiian flycatcher radiation. My research has drawn on a variety of methods, but the approach and tools of Molecular Ecology unites ongoing work in my lab.