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David Carlon

Associate Professor of Biology, Director of the Bowdoin College Coastal Studies Center

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Druckenmiller Hall - 232

Teaching this semester

BIOL 1090 / ENVS 1090. Understanding Climate Change

David Carlon
Why is the global climate changing and how will biological systems respond? Includes sections on climate systems and climate change, reconstructing ancient climates and past biological responses, predicting future climates and biological responses, climate policy, the energy crisis, and potential solutions. Incorporates a few field trips and laboratories designed to illustrate approaches to climate change science at the cellular, physiological, and ecological levels.

Bowdoin College: David Carlon


  • B.A. Boston University
  • M.S. University of Massachusetts-Boston
  • Ph.D. University of New Hampshire

I am an an evolutionary biologist primarily interested in micro-evolution. I have an inordinate fondness for marine organisms, but have dabbled in some intriguing terrestrial systems, including the Hawaiian flycatcher radiation. My research has drawn on a variety of methods, but the approach and tools of Molecular Ecology unites ongoing work in my lab.