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Earth and Oceanographic Science

Collin Roesler

Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science

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Earth & Oceanographic Science

Druckenmiller Hall - 120B

Teaching this semester

EOS 1505 / ENVS 1102. Oceanography

Collin Roesler
The fundamentals of geological, physical, chemical, and biological oceanography. Topics include tectonic evolution of the ocean basins; deep-sea sedimentation as a record of ocean history; global ocean circulation, waves, and tides; chemical cycles; ocean ecosystems and productivity; and the ocean’s role in climate change. Weekly labs and fieldwork demonstrate these principles in the setting of Casco Bay and the Gulf of Maine. Students complete a field-based research project on coastal oceanography.

EOS 2530 / ENVS 2287. Poles Apart

Collin Roesler
Compares and contrasts the tectonic evolution, geography, climate, glaciers and sea ice, ocean circulation and ocean biology of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Emphasis on the polar regions’ role in global climate regulation and the sensitivity of these regions to climate change. In addition to scientific readings (text book chapters and journal articles), students read an array of first-hand accounts of polar exploration from the turn of the twentieth century.

Collin Roesler


Ph.D., University of Washington
M.S., Oregon State University
B.S., Brown University

Teaching Focus


Research Interests

response of ocean ecosystems to environmental forcing; Research foci: environmental optics with specialization in bio-optical modeling of phytoplankton biomass, production, ecophysiology, functional groups, particularly with respect to Harmful Algal Blooms; inherent optical properties of seawater and sea ice, particle-specific optics, optical instrumentation, ocean observing systems.

Cruise and Field Experience

Since 1989, I have spent over 300 days at sea on more than 35 cruises on major research vessels (over 90 days on Antarctic icebreakers). Additionally, I have spent approximately 40 days on Sea Ice Field Stations in the Arctic.


Academic Spotlight: Oceanographer Enriches Bowdoin's Coastal Connections

Cyanobacteria and Human Health: Merging Ecology, Epidemiology and Neurologic Disorders

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Proceeding Publications

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Peer-Reviewed Publications Grants and Contracts

Current Grants

ECOHAB (NASA) - " Remote Assessment of Algal Functional Groups in the Absence of Extreme Blooms: Application to Alexandrium fundyense in the Gulf of Maine." with E. Laine, G. Teegarden, N. Pettigrew. 05/01/08 to 04/30/2011.

MWRA Subcontract- "Realtime assessment of phytoplankton blooms in Massachusetts Bay: Buoy A optical program". 09/01/08 to 09/01/10.

NASA Biological Oceanography - "Optical Oceanography from the single particle to the ecosystem: A summer class and a web book." with E. Boss, M. J. Perry and C. Mobeley. 1/1/2007 - 12/31/2009.

NASA IDS- Using remote sensing to understand carbon flow and its transformations from upland ecosystems into the coastal ocean ", with B. Balch and 4 others 06/01/2007 to 11/30/2009.

NASA ROSES- "Characterization of large and unusual Noctiluca blooms in the northern Arabian Sea and their role in carbon cycling during the winter monsoon", with J. Goes and H. Gomes. 12/1/2008 to 11/30/2011.

ONR - "Assessing variations in rivering optical constituents from in situ and remotely sensed data in coastal waters", CoPI with Andrew Barnard. 01/15/08 - 12/31/09.

1992 Session Chair: Optically Derived Primary Productivity. ASLO 92 Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Santa Fe, New Mexico. February.

1993 Chief Scientist: RV Wecoma, Oregon Coast

1994 Advisory Committee: NSF-Sponsored Symposium on Graduate Study in Science for

Undergraduate Women, April 14-17, Oregon State University.

1995 Chief Scientist: Sea Ice Field Station, Barrow, AK.

1998 Session Co-Chair: Coastal Mixing and Optics, AGU/ASLO 98 Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego, CA. February

2001 Co-Chair: Long Range Research Plan for Bigelow, presented plan at Board retreat.

2000-03 American Meteorological Society Committee on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography, three-year term.

2002-03 U.S. Representative developing research plan for GEOHAB Comparative Systems Studies: Upwelling Systems. Committee chaired by Dr. Grant Pitcher, Marine Coastal Management, Cape Town, South Africa.

2002-03 Organizing Committee: HABWatch Workshop to be held in Villefranche, France, June 2003.

2003-07 Planning Committee: Ocean Optics XVII and XVIII. Convened by the Oceanography Society and ONR. Four year term

2004 Moderator: Coastal Ocean Dynamics and Ecosystem structure Working Group. ORION, Jan. 2004, San Juan, PR.

2005-08 ORION Science and Technology Advisory Committee: 3 year appointment.

2005-07 Co-Chair: ORION STAC Coastal Subcommitte, with John Trowbridge. Duties include designing a $40M coastal infrastructure for the ORION porgram

2007 Co-Organizer: Kibbe Symposium on Alexandrium in the Gulf of Maine: Ecology, detection and management of Harmful Algal Blooms (Red Tides). April 3, 2007. Bowdoin College, Brunswich, ME.

2008 Session Co-Chair: ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting, Global dynamics of CDOM, with Alison Branco, Orlando, Fl.

2008 Panelist: SeaGrant-sponsored Workshop on "Ecology of Gulf of Maine Atlantic Salmon in Nearshore Marine Ecology System". Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Portland, ME.