Christopher Heurlin

Assistant Professor of Asian Studies and Government

Christopher Heurlin - Bowdoin College

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Government And Legal Studies

38 College Street - 204

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GOV 2445 / ASNS 2860. Asian Communism: The Politics of China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Mongolia

Christopher Heurlin
Examines the Asian communism in China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Mongolia. Asian communism presents a series of fascinating questions. Why did communist revolutions occur in some Asian states but not others? Why were relations between some Asian communist states peaceful while others were hostile? Why did some adopt significant economic reforms while others maintained command economies? Why did communist regimes persist in most Asian states, while Communism fell in Mongolia and all of Europe? The approach of the course is explicitly comparative and structured around thematic comparisons between the four states.

GOV 2486. The Politics of Dictatorship: Authoritarian Resilience and Democratization

Christopher Heurlin
Despite the end of the Cold War, dictatorship has persisted, even thrived. At least 40 percent of states in the world remain authoritarian. Introduces students to the social and political logic of dictatorship. Explores questions such as: Where do dictatorships come from? Why might people support dictatorships? What effect does dictatorship have on political, economic, and social outcomes? How do dictatorships differ from one another? Why are some dictatorships resilient and stand the test of time while some quickly collapse? When dictatorships collapse, why are some dictatorships replaced by other dictatorships, while others democratize? Concentrates on the post-World War II era and explores the dynamics of dictatorship in regions throughout the world, including the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.


Ph.D. University of Washington, 2011
M.A. University of Washington, 2006
B.A. Carleton College, 2002