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Barbara Elias

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Government and Legal Studies

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GOV 1031. Weapons of the Weak

Despite enjoying a preponderance of resources, the rich and mighty don’t always win in life, or in war. Why? How do peasants and insurgents impose their will on more powerful organizations? How do wealthy armies at times lose wars to impoverished rebels? Whereas money and material can be measured, divided and counted in a spreadsheet, less quantifiable factors of conflict such as ideas, identity, legitimacy, will power and fortitude are too often discounted as secondary factors. But these may, in truth, be at the heart of war, and weapons for the weak to bring down the mighty.

GOV 2690. Islam and Politics

Analyzing the intersection of politics and multiple expressions of Islam in both state governments and transnational movements, studies Islam as a social, ethical, and political force in the modern era. Offers a basic introduction to Muslim history and the Islamic religion, explores various Islamic social and political movements, analyzes contending understandings of the interaction between politics and Islam, as well as investigating the tensions between the Islamic and western political traditions, including democracy and Islam. Relying on texts from influential revolutionaries such as Qutb and Khomeini as well as perspectives on political Islam from academic scholars, explores the heart of politics, society, and religion in the modern Muslim world.

Barbara Elias

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  • B.A. Brown University, Providence, RI, 2002
  • M.A., Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 2013