William H. Barker

Isaac Henry Wing Professor of Mathematics

Bill Barker

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Searles Science Building - 105

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MATH 1800. Multivariate Calculus, A

Multivariate calculus in two and three dimensions. Vectors and curves in two and three dimensions; partial and directional derivatives; the gradient; the chain rule in higher dimensions; double and triple integration; polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates; line integration; conservative vector fields; and Green’s theorem. An average of four to five hours of class meetings and computer laboratory sessions per week.

MATH 2404. Geometry

A survey of modern approaches to Euclidean geometry in two dimensions. Axiomatic foundations of metric geometry. Transformational geometry: isometries and similarities. Klein’s Erlanger Programm. Symmetric figures. Other topics may be chosen from three-dimensional geometry, ornamental groups, area, volume, fractional dimension, and fractals.


  • A.B. Binghamton University
  • Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests

  • Geometry, Lie Theory, Analysis

Books, Reports, and Monographs

Continuous Symmetry: From Euclid to Klein
     William Barker and Roger Howe
     Supplemental Materials (Errata, Revisions, Course Resources)
     Review of Continuous Symmetry from MAA Reviews.

Curriculum Foundations Project: Voices of the Partner Disciplines
     The individual reports are available for downloading

CUPM Curriculum Guide 2004

Harmonic Analysis on Reductive Groups
     Edited by William Barker and Paul Sally

Lp Harmonic Analysis on SL(2,R)
     Further information on this Memoir.