Adam B. Levy

Professor of Mathematics
Chair of Mathematics Department

Adam Levy

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Searles Science Building - 203

Teaching this semester

MATH 1800. Multivariate Calculus

Adam Levy
Multivariate calculus in two and three dimensions. Vectors and curves in two and three dimensions; partial and directional derivatives; the gradient; the chain rule in higher dimensions; double and triple integration; polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates; line integration; conservative vector fields; and Green’s theorem. An average of four to five hours of class meetings and computer laboratory sessions per week.

MATH 3209. Partial Differential Equations

Adam Levy
A study of some of the partial differential equations that model a variety of systems in the natural and social sciences. Classical methods for solving partial differential equations are covered, as well as modern, numerical techniques for approximating solutions. Applications to the analysis of a broad set of topics, including air quality, traffic flow, and imaging. Computer software is used as an important tool.


  • B.A. (Williams)
  • Ph.D. (Washington)

Research Interests

  • Applied Mathematics, Optimization, Variational Analysis, Control Theory

Teaching Interests

  • Optimization, Optimal Control, Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra

Selected Publications

Optimization Textbook: Research Monograph:
The Basics of Practical Optimization Stationarity and Convergence in Reduce-or-Retreat Minimization page 1

Research Publications

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