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RECs and Carbon Neutrality Discussion

Story posted March 26, 2014

Event date(s): March 28, 2014 — March 28, 2014

Andrew Price ‘95 is the Senior Vice President of Competitive Energy Services, LLC (CES). Mr. Price and the CES Analytical Team provide a weekly summary of energy market conditions for clients, perform detailed financial analysis for energy users in varied rate classes, conduct bill audits and help customers negotiate favorable energy contract terms and conditions. He is also responsible for many of CES’s green initiatives including: green power procurement, demand response program evaluation, energy efficiency and onsite renewable generation project analysis, and greenhouse gas benchmarking and monitoring. Mr. Price has additional experience with: modeling revenue and cost streams for combined heat and power and renewable generation systems; advising commercial and industrial customers on fuel conversions, commodity hedging strategies, risk management and energy procurement options; and, assisting end users in negotiations with utilities and competitive market suppliers to obtain more favorable rates for electricity, natural gas, propane, oil and biomass.

Prior to joining CES, Mr. Price worked for three years at MRW & Associates – an energy consulting firm based in Oakland California - where he was involved in a variety of projects related to electricity usage, the regulation of utilities and electricity deregulation. He Holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Stanford University, and a B.A. in Physics and Environmental Studies from Bowdoin College.

Please join us this Friday, March 28th, in the ES Common Room (Adams Hall, 1st floor) for a discussion on Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and how they contribute to the achievement of Bowdoin’s carbon neutrality goals.

For more information, please contact Margaret Lindeman at mlindema@bowdoin.edu.

Information Source: http://www.competitive-energy.com/staff-directory/andrew-price