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Environmental Studies

ES Fellowship Deadline is NEXT WEEK!

Posted February 05, 2014

Every year, the Environmental Studies department promotes its summer fellowships to Bowdoin students hoping to engage with non-profits, firms, and municipal offices to gain hands-on experience within the environmental field.

The Sustainability and Environmental Justice Fellowships allow students to work at an off campus location of choice, while the Community Matters in Maine program places students in positions at pre-selected, local organizations. Additionally, students interested in conducting community- based research have the option of applying for the Cooke Fellowship, a compelling opportunity to explore an environmentally focused interest at a location of choice.

These three competitive fellowship programs allow students to explore the various trajectories of environment-related careers, be they in government, non-profits, private enterprise, or scientific sectors. Last summer, students worked with municipal planning offices, major national non-profits, solar energy development companies, and coastal ecosystem preservation organizations.

Within their placements, students are able to contextualize their academic studies while gaining exposure to the rewards and challenges of working to achieve environmental goals. Dan Lipkowitz, class of 2014, recounts his experience at The Nature Conservancy: “I was immediately included in conservation projects that were intellectually stimulating and that I was personally passionate about. I was able to experience the multifaceted aspects of conservation and non-profit work on the local, national, and global scale. I learned about the history and future of conservation in Maine and beyond, and was able to apply the concepts I had learned at Bowdoin in the classroom and play a role in moving towards that future.”

For more information on Bowdoin’s Environmental Studies Fellowships or for the full listing of Community Matters in Maine Placements and organizations interested in hosting Sustainability and Environmental Justice fellows for the summer of 2014, click here!

Applications are due Wednesday, February 12th!